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Jul 10, 2008

Aarushi Talwar's Murder -- Mystery and Media!!

I have read about it a while ago in one of Mad Momma's posts, said a quick prayer for the girl's short life and went about life without thinking anything else about it. For me, it was an unfortunate event which should not have happened but did and it rang nothing else at that point in time. Call it a blessing or bliss of ignorance due to my selective reading about events back home in the media which kept me unaware of it all the while but one program called 'The Aarushi Poll" which I happened to see in desivideos ({LINK HERE}) made me sit up and look through the archives and go through chronology of events ever since listed {LINK HERE}.

So much has been written about everything but what stands out from my observation is that it is the failure of police machinery to let anyone and everyone trample on the crime scene, the result of which is the groping in dark that is happening to date. I dont know about the lifestyles of high society people in India but what concerns me the most is the distortion of facts and excessive media hype on each and every aspect. There have been many questions that were raised in the investigation for which there are no answers as of yet.. {LINK HERE}.

One thing that makes me shudder as the anchor has said time and again is if a girl is killed in what is supposedly the most secure place in the world, her very own house, where is one safe???

Few things that this unfortunate incident has mirrored and brought in the fore are

1. interpersonal relationships at home.
2. reliability or the lack thereof the domestic helps.
3. character assisation of the dead and the victim and the family in general.
4. media hype and overkill.
5. police incompetency in handling the issue better, the recovery of the body from the very same house the next day leaves a lot of glaring mistakes as to why have they failed to check the house thoroughly for clues??
6. role of parents and their own issues in the whole thing.
7. the tests and retests of the domestic helps leading nowhere makes me think about the possiblity of "if nothing break those guys up mentally and leave no way but giving up."

and on top of it all "illu kaali okadu edistey chutta nippu kosam okadu edchinattu" it is disgusting to note the way Balaji Telefilms has proposed to use up the story in one of their leading never-ending soap operas {LINK HERE}!! Why not just let the police get done with this and then use it rather than add an element of fiction and confuse the already confused public even more.

Every one wants to make a field day out of the event, all that matters is the circulation of the papers, TRPs of the channels, and no one is actually bothered about the facts and the underlying events that cut a budding life so short in such a terrible manner..

One of my dreams as a child was to go into investigative journalism and now I just wonder if such thing exists at all and even if it does, sadly enough it is only to create sensations and not awareness.

Whatever are the facts, it sure would go down the history as one of the most mysterious sensational stories of India. The girl just about to turn 16 and going to join her 10th after summer holidays just lost her life in the most brutal way and there is so much of a mystery surrounding it. I am at loss of words to express my feelings, I just hope the justice is served.


Krishna Kumar said...

Aa Balaji Telefilms gaadni thappa thappa ani naalugu peekalanipistundi...

Its My World said...

hmmm these tele serials have an active part in shading the brains of the people with negative thoughts.

Its My World said...

hmmm these tele serials have an active part in shading the brains of the people with negative thoughts.

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