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Jul 7, 2008

Caste and The Country :(...

One look at today's AP polit(r)ics and we get to understand that caste, religion, and region reign. Why do people use the trump card of caste each and every time they have no other issue to rake up. It is really unfortunate that the leaders jump in to cash on the caste feeling among the masses and use it to their selfish motives. I was brought up to believe that every human being is equal and to treat each and every individual with respect.

The first time I heard about this term "caste" was when some kid in the school asked me what I was. I came back home getting diverse answers, one from dad who gave me the name and began taking me to our community get-togthers that take place every year and the other from my mom who said why the hell do you want to know that and what difference would that make whatever you are to your friend and then told me about the 4 varnas and such stuff but warned me never ever to bring it up in my discussions ever with anyone and never to base any of my views about a person based on which community he belongs to.

It might be easy for me to say why make a big deal of the caste because I belong to the so-called "upper caste" and have never been subjected to any atrocities or differences by any one. Agreed there are a lot of villages still where untouchability is practised and casteism rules, but instead of focusing on bringing about equality, why are the leaders hell bent on dividing the people further based on the very same. Whatever is the mindset of the people, I believe, that it depends on the education a man recieves and it is the duty of the government to eradicate such social differences and bring about social and economic equality but in stead they just watch and fuel the fued :((..

What the hell is wrong with this guy Manda Krishna Madiga, what has he done to the upliftment of the oppressed in the society. There was a time when I was impressed with activities and marches they used to do to fight for their rights and was watching them closely but somehow down the lane, he lost the track. All I see him doing is making absolutely unnecessary issues, responding to anything and everything and being desperate in raking up nonexistent, silliest to the core issues ranging from papers to movies to day to day life. Looks like he has an opinion on anything and everything and when one tends to give him a dose of his own medicine, he plays the oppressed atrocities card. Well, things just dont work this way, sooner or later the very people he says he represents will see through his game.. Baaduga netalu antey kopam vacchindi kaani ee panulanni enti???

Kamma, Reddy, Kapu, Telangana, Andhra, Madiga.. dishti bommalaki, kalaalaki, kurcheelaki kooda kulalalani antagadutunna ee samajamlo nenu Manishini ani gurtinchevaru evaraina unnara mana ee Baaduga Netallo?????

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my life.... said...

Yup i have heard alot abt the caste system in India... Actually i don t know how exactly the caste system works but i heard ppl over there have to fill in a column on caste system when enrolling in a school... is that true? Personally i don t believe in caste system... What are these ppl gonna do with the caste system? Its sad to see that some ppl/ societies take caste system so seriously at the expense of their life... hiaz...:(

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