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Jul 17, 2008

Evaru Raayagalaru..

This song describing about mother and her greatness is one among my all time favorites.. so touching and so true..

Evaru raayagalaru.. amma anu maata kanna kammani kaavyam..
evaru paadagalaru.. amma anu raagam kanna teeyani raagam..
ammega toli paluku nerchukunna bhaashaki
ammega aadiswaram praanamane paataki !!evaru!!

Who can write a poem sweeter than the word mom
who can sing a song sweeter than the word mom
... Oh so true!!!

avataara moorthy aina anuvante pudatadu
amma pegu panchukune anta vaadu autadu !!avatara!!
ammega.. chirunama intati ghana charitaki
ammega kanagaladu anta goppa ammani.. !!evaru!!

Even the diety in human form is born in the mother's womb the size of an atom..
.. one needs to understand the language to get the gist of the song, it is certainly impossible to get the essence in conversion...
It is only a mom who can give birth to such a great mom
.. awww..

sreerama raksha antoo neellu posi penchindi
deerghayurastu antoo nityam deevinchindi !!sree!!
noorellu edigi bratuku amma cheti neellato..
nadaka nerchukundi bratuku amma cheti vellato !!evaru!!

This is from a movie called "Amma Rajeenaama".. an equally thought provoking movie..

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Satish Bolla said...

chinnappudu, ee cinema chusi edichesaa. inka gurthundhi.

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