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Jul 11, 2008

An Evening With an American Family..

Those of you who know me well also know that one of my "to-do" things while in US was to spend an evening or some time with a typcial American family and to get to know more about the culture and stuff like that. That has come true this long weekend when my friend Jeannie moved from PA to Huntersville, NC and I joined them for supper.

For me it was a really really big event but for her it was a casual friend joining for supper. So, OH had to drop and pick me up for this monumental visit of mine.

She made Chicken Lasagna and salad and it was quite an informal gathering. The family was still unpacking as they just moved the week prior but most of it was set. The decor and the display was simple and sweet. I had asked her so many doubts about the stereotypic notions about each of our cultures and cleared my so many nagging doubts about things in general that I have heard.

It was an evening well spent to me with a lovable American family of a couple and 2 daughters, kind and fun loving. While I was there, the youngest one spotted a baby bird on the pavement next to her house and fed it worms and water and took care of it. Unfortunately, the baby bird just died yesterday and Jeannie tells me that the birdie was given a royal burial (wrapped in the kid's purple glove because purple suggests royalty) and a teary farewell. Loved those guys earlier too but love them a lot more after seeing them in person and knowing them much better!!

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Krishna Kumar said...

Maa intiki raa An Evening with an Iyengar Family kosam.. ;)

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