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Jul 17, 2008

Potpourri of Yay(s) and Nay(s)!!

Been to the movie Hancock with buddies and had funtime.. yay!!
Burnt my fingers on the coil of the stove trying to balance self :(.. nay!!
Putting on weight left right and center :(.. nay!!
Finished a painting after a long time :).. yay!!
System conked.. nay!!
Read Tamarind Woman..yay!!
Laundry and cleaning up-to-date.. yay!!
Political instability in the center back home.. nay!!
Suicide bombings and killings in Afghanistan.. nay!!
It is hot and humid.. nay!!
It rains almost everyday in the evening :).. yay!!
No power cuts.. yay!!
power shortage back home.. nay!!
Gas price hikes.. nay!!

watching a movie a day and at times 2 or more and life is just going on and on.. need to write so many reviews!!

PS: We were in the paper.. and thanks for thinking about these possibilities, but sorry to say, no we did not murder, kidnap, cause a wreck, or go crazy.. just happened to attend Loksatta meet here at our place and get covered in a pleasantly surprising manner!! (more about it later).

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rakesh ram said...

sreegaaru...this is rakesh o manchipillodu...some one hacked my old this is my new blog

go through tht for the latest article on reliance fresh...

Ramya said...

Away from blogging?

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, chaala visheshaalu unnattunnai. pretty busy?? rojuki oka movie na? very good. memu kuda almost anthe. night aithe frnds vachesthaaru. week ki around 5 movies on the dvd n one in the theater.
btw, congrats for the newspaper thingie. n hey, the political instabitlity was awesome na? i loved it. btw, andhra lo lots of power cuts anta. lucky u n me.

Padma said...

all ur nay's n yay's sound 'ed good!
How r u doing sree?

Shruthi Andem said...

Great Blog Sree!

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