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Jul 14, 2008

Saakshi Gola..

Waiting eagerly to see whom the oh-so-very-conscious government will arrest this time around for the faux-paus on the christ picture in their edition..

just wondering... how come you dont check the picture before you put it on the paper.. especially when you claim yourself to be the largest circulated daily paper in AP with well-paid and well-looked after staff and that too coming in color pages!!!

Baabu.. rangu, roopu, ruchi kaadu vaartalaki important, news matter and enlightening people.

1 comment:

Satish Bolla said...

saakshi paper rendu saarlu konna ikkada. rendu saarlu ramoji rao gurinchi main page lo articles vachaai. dhaanantha chendaalam ledhu anipinchindhi.
ee news ki related hadavudi tv lo chusa. vaadiki alaa jaragaalsindhe.

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