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Jul 9, 2008

Yedava Kaaki Gola!!!!

Vaarnee Banda Bada.. this is the first reaction I get these days when I read about what MKM has done yet again to be in news.. God, this guy has some serious identity crisis, well whoever suggest this guy to do such things or whatever motivates him to do so by himself..sigh!!

Dishti Bomma Issue.. where he lodged a case of SC/ST atrocities on him for burning his effigy.

Ayya babu dishti bommalaki kulalu antinchadam neeke chellindi.. aina nuvvu tagalabettin(chin)a vaati sangati enti.. oka manishini evaraina edaina annaru antey savalaksha kaaranaalundocchu annitini pakkaki vadili, oka agravarnam vaadini annara, so-called baaditavargam vadini annara ani asalu vishayam vadilesi anavasaramaina gola cheyyadam entayya, nuvvu chesina paniki reactionga chesina daaniki inta gola avasarama???

Kantri issue.. where he took offense for rowdies coming from behind Ambedkar statue.

Director elanti uddesamto teesado teliyadu kaani naa lanti vallaki matram ideas teppistunnavayya.. emitanta indulo goppa agouravam??.. Gandhi bomma kinda mandukottey enni scenes levu avi choosinappudu nee kallu kaakulettukellaya, burra beeruvalo pettava??

Gorintaku issue.. where he took offense for some dialogue which seems to suggest that physically-challenged individuals are unfit for marriage.

Samajamlo badugu vargalaki, balaheena vargalaki upayogapadevi dharnalu, porataalu, cinemalaki additional censorlu kaadu, abhivruddi padhakaalu.. enni cinemallo enni matalatoti vikalaangulani kinchaparachaledu.. flop avvaboye cinemalu meeda issues create chesi vaati collections penchadaniki, vaatiki neeku popularity tecchipettatam tappa, nee ee pani valla vikulangulaki emi sahayam jarigindi, dharnalo debbalu tappa.

It will be better for him and the rest of the public too if he thinks before he starts condemning stuff and making statements and dictating whoever comes across his path terrorizing them with "what next from this man??" attitude. I dont have a problem with his social strata, but yes me and a lot of others who get affected have a problem with his publicity stunts in particular.

The one thing he might do if he reads my blog is book another NRI atrocities on his community maybe, stating that I insulted him using the word "kaaki" but actually thinking it is an insult to the crow. I will agree only if the crow files a complaint for defamation and not him!!!

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