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Aug 26, 2008

Chiru Savvadi .. Praja Rajyam

Finally, putting an end to the speculation, K. Chiranjeevi (Varaprasad) has announced his party and he symbol... In a very filmi dhaasoo style, he announced it and the name is "praja Rajyam".. the flag, a white base with green border and a red shining sun.

My reactions..

Name is okay, not too catchy for me.. need to read the full manifesto and see it in implementation and then belive.

The flag is good.. the feel is good.

Extempore speech and dramatics.. good to watch.. but are they good enough to rule??

The best thing about todays intro was no harsh words for any individual or any party.. just his views and vision..

I will be more than happy if he does some social service and not fall into that self-service mode..

Good luck AP!!


joy said...

well glad that he ended all the speculation abt starting his party man he did take his time n also others to annouce it n what a drama.but when somebody takes such a long time to decide something so important(more than a decade) how long will he take to decide abt any policy just in case his party wins...thats my small doubt.

joy said...

hey whats up where r u?i am so used to read your blog everyday now i am missing you.

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