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Aug 10, 2008

My India...

I am in my homeland and do not know whether to feel happy at the nonstop rains or feel sad for us being so unprepared.. all the time either ativrushti or anaavrushti.. the power cuta, lack of rains, hike in daily commodities, increase in bribery, decrease in human values, rich getting richer and poor getting pooere scenario, everything is getting to me..

This was my first ever time in Mumbai thanks to bro and mom staying out here.. so kind of new place, but felt instantly at home whent the airport staff demanded JUST 30 dollars for my speedy exit.. WTH??? I paid the airlines the fare along with the taxes right and 30$ is half days pay of minimum wages even in US which you guys obviously want to earn in 2 minutes!!!! And yeah, should obviously be paid for degrading our nation so much and scaring people like me coming back home for good to settle.. you give us creeps and make us rethink about our decision.. sorry to say but India stinks and really bad at this aspect.. I love my country but hate a few of its facets.. :((.

Coming to my crib about rains.. why dont the governments who crib and cry when there are no rains just be prepared for scenarios like flash floods, rising water levels, etc beforehand.. oops, I forgot they are busy hurling notes at each other and trying to figure out how to come to power or rather stay there by hook or crook or whatever the hell it is.

It is the season of weddings and new beginnings and looking at all the hungama, obscene display of wealth and status, I cant help but wonder whether the overexcited families give a damn about the budding new lives or just hell bent on getting their wishes fulfilled at the cost of scarring the young minds forever.. the relief and happiness on the bride's side for getting their loved one married for a secured future and the insecurity of losing grip on the son's life and the need to show the newly wed that we are still in control from the groom's side, the anxiety and the fear of the young couple.. somehow, it is suffocating at times, why dont people let things happen peacefully and bring in their fears everywhere making the life hell.. too much of negativity bottled up I guess. I need a break from such festivities for a while... and also the health, jet lag, rains, nothing is helping..

and as they say, I should find happiness within myself and bounce back higher..


Krishna Kumar said...

Su(Ssh!),Welcome to India!!

Satish Bolla said...

hahahaha, nenu last time india vellagaane illantidhe raasa. mana kk thammudu cheppinattu "welcome to india". anyways, inko 2 days lo nenu kuda india ki jumping for my sister's marriage

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