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Aug 15, 2008

Phelps .. The Human Whale

.. Aqua Gladiatior is how he is referred to as and deservingly so.. am really amazed at this guy's single-minded determination, extreme focus with eyes set on one goal, 8 medal victory a new world olympic record. It is really rare to see such kind of motivation and determination and it gives me a great pleasure to see him equal the existing record by Mark Spitz, another American.

It is extremely heartening to see the motivation and the recognition one gets from their nation.. looking at the number of medals, in fact more than the contestants that represent India, I just hope and pray India too competes with other nations just like it does in all other fields.

This victory also reminds me of Ian Thorpe (LINK HERE), my favorite swimmer from Australia and cant but help feel sad at his early retirement citing waning motivation as the reason.. Agreed after every rise there is a fall but I would like the rise to be complete before the downfall begins..

I wish all the very best to Phelps and cant to wait the much-deserving win with him and the entire world..

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