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Aug 11, 2008

yay Abhinav!! You made us proud..

What more could give me pleasure than a gold medal in this depressingly pouring skies and running nose (at the rate I am squeezing the nose and soaking up the towels, I wonder I am still not dehydrated)..

It is no doubt a moment of glory to every Indian but the single-minded determination of the individual and the family concerned is the only factor contributing to his victory. I take pride in the win.. you made our day!! Long live kiddo!!


Padma said...

We are all proud of Abhinav! How have you been doing? pls. drop by my blog and pick up your award. :)

Satish Bolla said...

abhinav keka. i jus came to office n was checking the cricket score on some site and it was them who updated this gold medal news before anyone els. immediately, i mailed to all indian employees in my company and everyone responded in a few minutes with a lots of thanks for updating messages.

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