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Aug 20, 2008

Yo Yo Yippie Yippie.. Double Dose

Double the reson to celebrate today..

Bronze medal in wrestling for India and a guaranteed medal for the first time in history of Indian boxing..

1. Sushil Kumar wins bronze in wrestling.. yay!!! way to go and I am really really impressed by the performance. I am sure of the unflinching faith and determination given hisd not-so-rich backing.. GOOD JOB HERO!!

2. Vijender Kumar secures a medal, not yet sure which one, hoping for the gold though!! I just pray the pressure does not get to him and he win the much awaited second Gold for the nation.

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Swathi said...

even i hope that we would win second gold!!! lets see..

Amu... said...

Yipeeeeeeeeeee :-)

joy said...

waiting eagerly for the results n hoping to see more medals.

Padma said...

hip hip hurray!

Amu... said...

3 medals to the tally now...I am happy...

I know where our Indians are World Leaders...Field of IT and no worries mate...;-)

btw Check out a small suprise for you in my Blog Sweetie…

-Amu :-)

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