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Oct 16, 2008

Allah Ke Bande Hasde!!!

A very nice song which has caught my attention these days.. lovely lyrics

Toota toota ek parinda aise toota
Ke phir jud naa paaya
Loota loota kisne usko aise loota
Ke phir ud naa paaya
!!toota toota!!

Girta hua woh aasma se
Aakar gira zameen par
Khwabon mein phir bhi badal hi the
Woh kehta rahaa magar
Ke allah ke bande hasde allah ke bande

Kho ke aapne par hi to usne tha udnaa sikha
Kho ke aapne par hi to
Kho ke aapne par hi to usne tha ud naa sikha
Gham ko aapne saath mein lele dard bhi tere kaam aayega

Tukde tukde ho gaya tha har sapna jab woh toota
Tukde tukde ho gaya tha
Bhikre tukdon mein allah ki marzi ka manzar paayega

!!Toota toota!!


Krishna Kumar said...

Gham ko aapne saath mein lele dard bhi tere kaam aayega

aa line nijamga super paata vini goose bumps naaku...nenu ee pata ni naa blog lo pettukunta...btw ee paatalo base guitar baagundi...

Satish Bolla said...

i jus love this song. i became a temporary fan of kaliash kher after listening to it for the first time

Kalpana said...

Naaku, the still old and same volume problem... :(... But wordings baagunnaayi.

my life.... said...

happy diwali to u Sushma:)

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