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Oct 29, 2008

Crazy Cravings...

If you think cravings are only associated with pregnancy in a woman, then you are mistaken.. I have been having them since time I dont even remember. suddenly in he middle of night I would feel like eating sunni undalu or chakrapongali or chilli garelu.. the urge would be strong that I could feel the saliva in the mouth and cannot think of anything other than the said object..

Right now, my andhra tastebuds are teasing me for a lot of things, but stuck in this place I have to make tp do with the grass that I get in the name of food.. anything you touch is costly and far away from being tasty by my standards.. I fel like eating something kaaram, spcy, yummy bt end up disappointed...

right now, my list includes
spicy roadside panipuri
aloo chat from road side
gaarelu wiyh kobbari chutney
pesarattu upma from roadside hotel
kobbari boorelu
munta masala
intlo chesina sonpapidi
aavapindi ghumaghumalato aavakaya pacchadi
chettuna pandina usirikayalu
ghuma ghumalaade sambar
Nandinilo Andhra Thaali with different podulu
Bisibelebath from office caterer
Mallu food from Coconut Groove
Chinese from China Pearl
Hot and sour soup from 91.
bommidayila pulusu
koramenu vepudu
naatu kodi koora
royyala vepudu
Tablalo Gajarka Halwa
Sweet lime soda
Anupamalo fish biryani
American Choupsey in Anupama
Cold Cakes and pastries from Universal
Pizza from Kings Bakers
roadside cheru rasam
pulla ice..

ayyoooo.. sollu kaaaripotundi.. ennellu padutundo ivanni laaginchadaniki...

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Kalpana said...

Sush, ikkadiki raaa or to hyd, iddaram chesukuni thindam or velli kummudaam... :)

Krishna Kumar said...

avunu anupama,tabla...avvani tinevi amme place aa...???

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, nuvvu rasina items anni chusesariki notilo laalajalam baaga oorindhi. ee items list tharuvaatha "ayyoooo.. sollu kaaaripotundi" ani raasav gaa, adhi chusi pusukkuna navvesariki sagam laalajalam shirt meedha kaarindhi... ;)

Krishna Kumar said...


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