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Oct 29, 2008

I am..


... Am made up of beliefs, opinions, ideas, feelings, emotions.

... Am a sober individual whose only life goal is to live it up fully.

... Am a person who when left alone blooms in full and gives the best to whatever is on hand.

... Am a person who gets suffocated to live a life thinking what might others think about what I say, so, or assume.

... Am a person who rebels when undue pressure is put on me to meet someone else's unreasonable expectations.

... Am a person who will give all in a relationship as long as it lasts but does never ever look back when it is tampered.

... Am a person who never tolerates injustice to self or others in front of me.

... Am a soft and kind person that can turn really nasty when dealing with liars and cheaters.


... a person clamouring for pity of a person or a person involving in self-pity.

... a person who can be treated like a carpet on the floor.

... a person who will take nonsense and lies and most of all crap from some silly cows.

... a person who runs away from adversities.

... a person who accepts defeat without a battle.

... a person who can live with negativity for long.

There is a phase in life where everyone gets desperate to run out of the problem areas and seek security elsewhere.. in strangers, in friends, in anything drastic.. I did too, but only to realize NO ONE but you know what you are and never to expect understanding except within yourself.. when people judge you and try to change the core person you are, there is no point losing the identity and sticking on.. who gives a person a right to change the other person?? are we so perfect that we impose our ideas on others?? Start with one self IF and IF you need to change, no one else..

So, after a long battle of thoughts and deeds and looking back and looking into the future, I learn that I AM WHAT I AM..not what others (including my own parents) try to make me believe I am.

Never lament for the lost time make the best of what is ahead!!!

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Kalpana said...

So many similarities between us sush...... True, I too am "I am what I am". And, I am happy for that.

We need a person to talk to but not for pity sake...

I admire you dear, for what you are! :)

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