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Oct 1, 2008

JP.. A fashion statement????

This is going to be a verbally violent post I guess.. I am very sensitive about certain issues, well ohhkay, agreed almost everything that is close to my heart :).

I strongly believe that the young and educated blood should flow into the political arena. No denying the contribution from the golden oldies but with changing needs and thoughts, we need the new generation stepping in willingly. Let me make it clear with this I dont mean the inheritance politics (Nehru -- now mysteriously changed to Gandhi family) and the likes, common man stepping out of the routine engineering and medicine mould taking a plunge into structuring the Indian Politics, the rapidly degenerating entity in my opinion.

I have seen groups come and go, sparkling ideas just fizzing out, what showed promise one day lacking enthu the next just leaving me to wonder WHY??

Coming to the context and the title, I see a lot of people giving their opinions on everything (of course, I am the first in doing so too) in politics, critical about each aspect from leaders, to corruption, to roads, to neighbors, to India.. everything but the root cause "themselves". I have seen a lot of forums and notice that a lot of people claim and agree that JP is the only one who can give good governance and corruption-free rule in AP. I agree and can even vouch for it completely but what is the use simply agreeing.. it looks fashionable to talk and support JP verbally and I am sure those who support it are the ones who rarely vote.. the educated employee young group that is.. why else is the so famous, so honest and blemish-free individual's leadership, though popular, shows no sign of coming to power in the near future or for that matter ever with undisputed majority?? why??

The manifesto, the proposed agenda, the clear-cut understanding of the problems and also solution to an extent not seeing the light of the day.. why is it that the silent revolution remains silent??? Why does the comment "perulo maatrame satta unna party"
do rounds.. just because they dont go around barking around people, follow the principle lead by example than by picking up other's fault and make a public show out of anything and also nothing.

Obviously, the contractors, the bigwigs, industrialists wont be supporting with huge backdoor donations because there is no profit or appropriate return or favor from a honest group that goes by the book.. just one example, I get a reciept even for 100/- that I donate and I am supposed to furnish my identity and proof to donate and without that they wont accept it.. phew!! how will all the black money ever find its way to the party, NO WAY, so it is for us to donate the amount, the much needed funds, remember every drop contributes to the ocean. PLEASE, stop using the name JP as fashion statement or just to look good in the group, do something!!!!!...

No my compalints are far from over...and finally Nanna Chiru.. where are you?? after successfully launching a party, without even knowing the name is already registered on someone else's name (and they say there has been a lot of groundwork done into the party stuff sigghhh) and near-ditto lifting Loksatta policies and goals and even lifting the name from one of the training programs of Lok Satta (Paja Rajyam), I hear no sound so far??? One wedding and one Siricilla visit drained you or waiting for the muhurtam to do things.. sir, this is politics and public service, we need action not waiting. Sadly after a month after the so-called phenomenal launch, I am still waiting for something original from you. Last but not the least, one nagging doubt.. if so many similarities with Loksatta Party, why launch a different party and split the vote bank rather than supporting Loksatta and taking an active role thereof, especially since you claim serving people is the main motto, nothing else.. can one do it only being the party president.. Ganji ninchi Benzi typelo samanyudini ninchi CM daaka ani manasulo pettukuni prajalni picchi pappalni cheyyakandi!!!


ramgopal n said...

Hi, Sree,
wonderful. i really agree with you on JP and on chirus party. Whether JP wins are looses he needs all our support. Let there be some flicker of hope. By the way, why does not he get votes? Because people themselves are not honest. why blame leaders? what is there if you get by the rule? Bypass it,and get more than the neighbour.

my life.... said...

Hey its sad to see that the youngs are not really given a chance to rule... actually a good proportion of young and old politicians would result in good governance of a country. The old will act as an advisor to the young exuberant politician.

Krishna Kumar said...

Nice post...started kindling huh..??
anyways,instead of a comment over here,i'm gonna post an article shortly...

Kalpana said...

Pani chesvaarini prothsahinchaali... but entha mandi unnaaru?

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, u r tagged. ee politics naaku pedhagaa ardham kaavu. andhuke ee post ki no comment

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