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Oct 27, 2008

Jungle Raaj!!! SHAME

Sick and tired and scared to step outside in Mumbai.. a place in India, my motherland, the place which I take pride in belonging to.. but of late, I feel like a hypocrite..

The latest news of Rahul Raj's death really made me go mad.. RR Patil speaking as if he has prevented a hardcore criminal from letting loose in the society really blew my fuse off.. JUST SHUT that bloody mouth of yours man!!! it is you and the mechanism in the first place which is making the youth go crazy and resort to such extreme steps. I do not support the act but I dont want to see that mug of yours beaming with pride.. where the hell were te police when brothers from north were assaulted and where were they when the MNS workers attacked poor aspirants.. or when people like Raj Thackarey openly challenge their ability to stop him.

Shame on you!!! when all the youth was asking for was a mobile to talk to the commisioner and to kill Raj Thackarey or whatever and made it clear to everyone in the bus and outside that it was not his intention to kill anyone at that time.. the police could have shot him in the legs, arms, anywhere but why kill him.. to prove that you are protecting us, the innocent people from serious anti social elements!!!!

Go look at the mirror before making such merry statements and brag on our welfare issues. Your rule is so fragile that the whole city is held under ransom when a person is arrested for justified cause.. where the hell are we in a metro or in a jungle where the killer on the prowl is termed the leader????

Go die in spoonful of water, a cup is too big for you!!!! No wonder the misguided youth had so much anger in him.. my heart goes for the poor kid.. YOU and only YOU (the leaders) are responsible for such deeds.. I just hope the kid finds solace in the unknown world and a lot of peace.

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Satish Bolla said...

felt bad whn i heard abt this on some news channel. may GOD bless his soul

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