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Oct 28, 2008

Meds For Sale!!

Well, for those wondering if I have shifted my loyalties from transcription and moved into pharmaceuticals, sorry not that..

I dont know if it is the same in all the places in India, but this kind of strikes strange to me.. when I get my prescription filled in the pharmacy, I get complete strips instead of the number prescribed..

for example, the doc gives me 2 tablets to take but I still end up buying the 10-tablet strip because they wont sell them loose it seems.. what the hell.. what will I do with the rest of them.. not that they are vitamin pills that i can pop or some snack for storage.. To hell with such rules, just regulate the sales and avoid misuse..

is it the same in all the places???

PS: I have figured out after talking to a lot of people ad even the doctors that that is how it is in Mumbai.. so I am left with strips and strips of meds with just a couple or 3 used up.. somehow, this practise does not seem right.. i ask a tablet and you give me a strip.. what do you expect me to do with the rest of them????


Kalpana said...

hey, alaa emi ledu raa... u can ask them straight away or complain chesthaamu anu police ki. thikka kudurthundi... grrrrr

Ramya said...

It sounds like a business trick playing with our necessity. I guess its not the fact.

Swathi said...

oops i never experienced this when in India, they used to cut from strip and give me...

Satish Bolla said...

it's the same in bahrain too..... :( i still remember the day(my early days here) whn i had to buy a packet(20 tablets) of some medicine whn i was suffering with some illness because of sudden climatic change. i took only one tablet n the illness vanished.. ding like that

now, i became clever and i go to my managers house if i feel sick. akkada anni medicines dhorukuthaai. n the good thing is most of them r made in india....... ;)

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