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Oct 30, 2008

Zyada Ka Iraada.. CUTE!!!

URL in case this doesnt work...

I simply fell in love with the ad, the kid, the concept and all.... remember the off-white ad kid anyone??? ooooohh sssoo lovvely kids they are..

Anyone who knows me up close knows how much i love the ads, in fact back home there are times I get so engrossed in the ads that I forget the program I intend to watch.. there are a couple always which become special favorites and this is the one.

I am sure the initial reaction after the Czekoslavakia would cheer up anyone..

Leaving you with anothr one of my favorites..


Have a nice day!!!


Kalpana said...

Lovely ads raa... naaku bhale ishtam avi.. enni sarlu chusinaa chudaali anipisthaayi avi.

Satish Bolla said...

i liked both those ads. the first one was awesome and the second one was so-so. i suspect that it's a copy of some other ad(or some mail which used to go rounds abt a kid who tried to offer some money to his dad so that his dad can stay n chat with him for a while).

Amu... said...

Belated Diwali Wishes Sree...How are you doing?

I have little something for you at my Blog...check out

-Amu :-)

sreechandana said...

ads chaalaa baagunnai, btw thks for visiting my blog.. alaane comments kudaa pettaraa...

Swathi said...

oh wowwwwww such cutie pie ads sree...enta baaunnayyoooooooo...

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