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Dec 31, 2009

The Year That Was....

This past year has been an year of so many challenges and changes both in my personal as well as social life.

Do I want this kind of an year ever again in life.. NO... but still, it is a year which will hold the key role in a lot of my future decisions.

Did time fly by...well, for the initial 4 months it was like "when would this end" and the later 8 months was like when did this begin.

Personally, 2010 is
...A year which made me go very near to the death and come back to life with new vigor and a very strong resolution to give people tit for tat immediately then and there and not let them involve/interfere/dictate/rule/LIVE my life for me, more so with my daughter in it.
...A year in which MY FAMILY or so-called showed its true colors and the one in which the long-lost bro and sis relationship emerged really really strong (touch wood).
...A year in which a new life which began within me came to life outside and is growing rapidly (touch wood).
...A year in which I got to know the true/naked faces of a lot of people eliminating the true friends from the fake and superficial ones.
...A year which made me realize the true potential in me and the extent of good/bad/evil that I can take.
...A year in which my health went from bad to worse to worst and is now in the path of recuperation (hopefully).

ALL IN ALL... a year which is a decisive and most critical one in the life for me and my daughter.

restarting the career after a long break and a turbulent one at that is really really tough.
...took some initiative to get back to the job, after a lot of ifs and buts, yes's and no's, whys and why nots I am getting there finally.. all the hard work that I put in to be there and everything that went into giving it up is absolutely nothing when compared to get it back on track.

I always believed in the fact that friends are the saviors.. we dont get to chose where we are going to be born and all but the ones that we handpick are the ones who give a meaning to your life and they have proven it right at each and every step in these turbulent times, cheering me up when down, guiding me when wrong, lending a shoulder to cry on, being there at every single step to check on me and my daughter and ensuring we did well.. Thanks guys, it did mean a lot..

A year full of downs and downs and downs, began badly, turned worse, and ended up worst. I personally feel the same is the case with media coverage as well... If the world is in bad shape economically and even in other ways, India is in worse, and AP the worst of it all.. I feel like collecting all the politicians at one place and deporting them to Pluto, so that the common man is happy.. you may ask why Pluto because it is the farthest known planet or semi-planet whatever.

Summing it up, it is a year best forgotten in someways, a best teacher in many ways, a hope-giver in a lot of ways and the best of it all, it gave me my daughter, my lifeline.. the worst, it ruined my health both physical and emotional.

This past December has been a month of sickness for both me and LO.. the last day of the year was the worst in those terms with her burning hot with fever above 101, red hot cheeks, red lips and the kid who hardly ever let a moan or cry, wailed throughout the night. It is sickening to see the kids sick, feel like putting her back in to the belly and going through it all and put her back after she is fit again :(... but anyways....

I welcomed this new year with her in my hands, playing although a little toned down, with cracked throat and all but a beaming smile on the face.. So, here I enter the New Year.. 2010, Twenty-Ten, giving farewell to 2009 and hoping to bade a farewell to LO's sickness forever and wishing and praying for a healthy and happy New Year which spreads cheer among everyone in the world.

I wish everyone, all the species, and every living organism (of course not the bacteria and virus)
a very

No, I dont have any resolutions other than BEING HEALTHY AND CALM, STAYING FIT.

Yes, I have lots of hopes to settle down and have some stability in life... building it from scratch is a bit tough but with a smile to die for and life to live for, it is all the more challenging, yet more beautiful.

Thank you God for everything...

and I end it with my childhood prayer for myself...God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.

Dec 28, 2009

Harish Rao (*$#$#@$C#$#$)#$(#)$)

At the risk of being arrested su moto, can someone do something to silence this guy... sicko of a kind!!!!! and media stop focus on KCR and family please!!!!

Dec 26, 2009

Dimma Tirigindi!!! Tiwariki kaadu... naaku!!!

I am pretty much back to normal and thanks for the wishes and concern..

TV sanyasam laantidi okati untey adi nenu teesesukunte potundi kada daily BP tecchukotam kantey... but alaaga cheste manam manamenduku autaam.. kukka toka vankara, gatra saametalu naalanti vaallakosam kanipettina sametalu annamaata... but mostly it is erakkapoyi pettanu irukkupoyanu types annamata... ponlendi nenu TV alaga poraadukuntoone sahajeevanam chesestu untaam, tappetlu ledu.. TV choodakapote frog in the well aipotaanemo already oorlo untunna ane oka feeling, chooste konnallaki Erragaddo, Vizago gati aipotundi ani oka peekulaata.. kuyyo, morro, labo, dibo, waammo, waayyo..

Coming to the point of the post..

N.D. Tiwari, the honorable governor, the first citizen of the state, allegedly involved in some heinous acts, and a news channel supposedly got the information more than a month ago, got the proofs about 4 days ago, but after a lot of discussion decided to air only yesterday, the only day when Bandh was called off and the city was taking a breather. uhhu..uhhhu... I dont like it!!!!

I dont support that guy, well he is an octogenarian and I dont outright deny anything because perversion comes in many forms but still the way it was aired... everything right down from the anchor's voice-over to the background song to the content was downright dirty, nasty, vulgar and in cheap taste... and the worst part was shameless self-propaganda.. "prapamcha vyaaptamga prasamsala velluva" my foot!!! and the callers, the sms texts read, the people in the studio, the ones the channel caught on the road, everything is outright cheap publicity and nothing else. Congrats ABN, sensation in e-news media, dammunna channel, Vemuri Radhakrishna garu great... chevulu chillulu padutunnay sontadabba vinaleka

As per the channel, the news was leaked to them by a lady called Radhika, a very close aide to N.D. Tiwari for whom Raj Bhavan was a guest house whenever she was in the city and in fact, she was the one who got the ladies the job there in the first place in exchange of some some favors. She wanted some mine license or whatsoever but when that did not materialize she exposed it all.. great!! what a legible source and what credible information.

I am a woman myself, I have a daughter, I am pro-women progress and all that but I am not into out and out feminist approach. I would be among the first ones to do something constructive to empower the oppressed woman rather than give talk and lectures. I find the content as well the act completely shocking, but more than what NDT has done, it is the channel that is stripping them naked.

they have been tortured
they have been used
they are innocent
he is a brute
he cannot be forgiven
he should be taught a lesson

I agree with each and everything but is that the means.

Women going berserk seeing it all, shouting at the top of their voices, crying foul is not at all acceptable.. there was some leader giving an eloquent speech as to what needs to be done and what she knew about such things but why is it conveniently forgotten that it is the woman in the first place who sent the girls, she might be denying now but knowing the reputation and being that close to that guy, how could she do that to the fellow-women and why the hell is she bothered to expose it now.. because she fears threat for her life... phony.. very very phony!!!

A news channel especially has no viewership restrictions, that is, it is supposedly to be viewed with the whole family, forget whole family, I just could not watch those visuals with my mom in the room.. what the hell is going on in the name of exposing the truth!!!

Great, as a society-conscious, duty-driven channel ABN has telecast it, thanks to that people have realized what was actually happening in the Raj Bhavan and finally they succeeded in getting him out of the post and there were demonstrations and all everywhere seeking an explanation for what went wrong. But why is the channel still continuing with those Z-grade clippings time and again in spite of orders from the high court.

In one corner I still doubt the credibility of the news aired and I am also kind of finding it strange that no one else but the said "Dammunna channel" exposing the news is bothered to report it. Okay, they unearthed the big issue but there has to be a mention some where, some place, otherwise publicity hungry channels have interestingly kept away from it. Not even mentioned in the passing. I get Eenadu newspaper, no I am not pro-kamma, pro-TDP, or Pro-anything.. it is just out of habit than anything else, and it is strange that there is not even a mention anywhere. If the news is true, it should be published giving due credit to the source, if it is not, then they should show proofs against it but totally ignoring it!!!! Something fishy!! I cant point my finger on it because I am a novice, I am a layman, all I can do is go by instincts and I just dont feel it is right.

and coming to the said channel, it is a new channel, it wants to get set and get noticed amongst the big fishes in the market and get all the attention, so collect something really sensational.. yes, they got it. I am pretty sure there are many many more people involved in this but why single NDT, because he is an outsider in the state, old man who cant retaliate and cause any damage to them in the future!!!

Exposing truth is always welcome and we ABSOLUTELY need to know what is going on.. but surely not this way!!! and surely not with any personal motives whatsoever...

In a nutshell, I just dont find it normal!!!! does anyone feel the same or is it just an isolated me...

and by the way... Haritha Andhrapradesh, samaikhya Andhra Pradesh, Suwarna Andhra Pradesh... good to hear, but seem to be things of past.. it is just Bhaya-Andhra Pradesh these days and looks like for many many days to come!!!

Dec 25, 2009

Media -- When and Why Did It Get So Bad...

I am kind of scared and wary of media propaganda these days.. Gone are the days, when I used to rely on newspapers to know what I did not know, watch TV news to gather what has happened in the day, a half-hour news bulletin in Telugu, English, and Hindi. The anchors were not too glamorous, remember Shanti Swaroop, Salma Sultaana and others.. it was beauty of their pronunciation rather than the bodily beauty. The primary focus was to bring the viewers the events of the day in half an hour, so put in as much vital information as possible which affects their day-to-day life or by and large the political life and then there were special news bulletins when time permitted. Newspapers were just what they were meant to be, papers which shared news with the readers and made them aware of the surroundings. They were, I thought, not as sold-out as they are now.

Any paper I open also has a channel, they support a party, a community, or a region for their own benefit, no two papers report the incident the same way it has actually happened. Like someone dies... each paper/channel adds masala for its convenience and bring it out rather than straight reporting. Where are the good days of reporting and valid and good reporting gone. Now, reports throw shoes at speakers, they are a cult, they kind of manipulate everything to suit their needs.

My first hatred and awareness about media being ruthless and news hungry came with one incident which I recollect very clearly, in 1997, a blast occurred during a shooting near Ramanaidu studios targeted on Paritala Ravi in which even TV crew were killed because of the impact.. It was 12 yrs. ago, but I clearly remember a victim crying out aloud for water and the reporter kept asking him questions instead of providing water.. there was blood, there were body parts strewn all over, there was flesh, there were cries, on top of it all.. there was need for HELP.. but the reporters chose to give coverage to increase the TRPs rather than helping them out.. that day, something died in my young mind.. the trust that news are to make us aware of what is happening and something started creeping in for them there is no need to CREATE news to market themselves.

Then came the Moddu Seenu interview, a private news channel caught this criminal on escape mode and made him a hero.. why the police did not register a case on the channel is still a mystery to me.. then the Veerappan interviews with Papers, TV channels, did not help the situation either.

Then came blows one after the other but the most significant was the 26/11 attack and the media coverage on it. Even topmost and credible journos like Barkha Dutt have seem to lost it and the mad frenzy to capture the event and ignoring the actual news and common made me grow more averse to the media.

Coming to the local media, TV-9, or the advent of TV 9 has made it worse, they take one issue and repeat it again and again and again unnecessarily... issue of Swapnika around the same time last year and the media behavior when she succumbed to the acid attack and also the number of "premonmaadi" stories they show, the programs neralu-ghoralu, crime watch, this and that and what not, everything screams of dirty poisoning of minds and a shameless war at TRP ratings rather than public good. To be honest, I liked its motto when they began, like they would expose the evil and against corruption and all that... but time and again, I have been hearing things that even made sense with small fish being exposed and how come never a big fish got caught... there was some incidents which made my head reel and shake in disbelief in which I was made to believe that they do catch the corruption on camera, but do they actually show that to public.. NO, I dont think so.. because like most of the people keep saying they show it to the parties involved first and settle some deal and then decide whether or not to go about airing it.. and I am gradually coming to believe the same because nothing serious ever is unearthed, the exclusive features they show are disgusting like the visuals on YS's death scene and all that and gory details of murder/accident sites and all that.

Media in AP has lost its meaning and I am not really sure about other parts of the nation. Papers have an individual agenda, to top it each leading newspaper has a channel to vouch for its news. So, if I care to get a real picture I guess I just need to go down to that place and figure out what is happening rather than relying on the media to feed me up with the data.. seriously, it is that bad!!!!!

Why is senseless talk of a politician shown a hundred times over and why is a politician like JP just heard once in a while.. why are his views not publicized giving us an impression he does not respond at all.. that is because for a news to be printed/shown there has to be a packet and the more the weight of the packet the more is the coverage.. is it so??? or is it because honesty and truth do not make TRP material, they do not sell the news as does the masaledaar politics. So, what is the main point here... money, TRP, news in the real sense, popularity.. what??? what rules the roost, what speaks... I would surely say.. MONEY AND POWER DOES... just that and nothing else...

They give some news and steal the credit for everything, watermarking the visuals as well, if there is no news they create one and sell it across, so when Chiru's daughter was eloping only that was the focus for the day.. so nothing else moved in AP is it?? or when some sick guy does an acid attack everything else takes a back seat, when politics are hot, there is no such thing even in the remote corner.. so when there is some big news to cover the airtime with spicy news all is well in AP is it??.. and when there is nothing then comes the sting attacks on girl ditches boy, boy blackmails housewife, NRI tortures wife, etc., these do happen everyday but get coverage only when there is no other spicy news.. sick, sick, sick....

everything speaks loud and clear that they do not have any public interest but their own interest... they are into flood relief but through their channel, through their paper, to claim how much they do, people lined outside claim, we actually did not want to donate but the so and so channel made me do that and i have come all the way to thank it... cha... what is the solution?

Dec 22, 2009

JP At His Best..

Well, wow.. wow.. finally, he speaks.. and how does he... Good to hear a valid, to the point discussion... he is angry, he is that very silently violent in putting his view across!!!

Check it HERE.

and by the way, I dont feel anything wrong in Chiru's question.. I have always pointed that PRP is outright copy-cat glamour-masala-added version of JP's Loksatta at least in their manifesto or whatever they are trying to portray though there is hell a lot of difference in implementation... so, maybe Chiru was waiting this long to give a view after listening to JP talk... he asked what his stand is, so that he would go with it...

He still shows no bias towards anything, he still shows no miracle-solution but yes, his strong personality comes across clearly...

Please do pass it on, please do ensure that his views are passed across.. 'cos usually he is not heard as much thanks to his no-nonsense, no-drama attitude.

Dec 21, 2009

Kallu Teripistunnaru

Cheppa kada last 2 postslo ontlo bagundi chaavaledu ani.. andukey aa artharaatri postlu mari.. alaage nikkutoo neelugutoo padutoo lestoo edo doctorni choodakapote nenu potaanemo (chaaala overaction kada, mari em chestaam TVlo andari health conditions choosi choosi naaku ade doubt pattukundi.. naakem teliyadu antaa vaalla prabhaavam) ani bhayapadi, naa kooturni maa ammaki appacheppi road meeda paddanu annamaata...

Reason, elago ee Lagadapati dorikesadu, ledu parugetti stretcher meeda paddadu, happyga five star treatment teesukuntunnadu, janaalaki veedi (tappem ledu peddavadu aina peddarikam nilupokotledu kada) gurinchi artham aipoyindi, hammaya, AP back to normal ani taitakkaladukuntoo mareee bayaldera.. of course condition alantidanukondi, ellaka tappadu, situation elagunna, local doctor certificate teesukuni maree vella lendi.... road meeda nannu 3 chotla aaparu, adelendi nenunna carni, abbo abbo enta stricto kada road meeda barlu teesi carlu aapi mari vetukutunnaru.. mari idantaa night 11 to noon 1 emaipoyindo ento... naakaite car digi gayi gayi gayi mani arichi, valla chetullo unna guns teesukuni vaatitoti gundu meeda rendu tapee tapee ani peekalanipinchindi... edava builduplu vaalloonu... pinjaari vedavalu, naa lanti common man dorukutaadu vellaki.

entolendi, naa edava kaaki gola eppudooo undedey kaani... intakee naaku ayina gnanodayam ento telusa.. aamarana niraahaara deeksha or relay deeksha antey evening 5 varakey untayanta.. aaarrrrni.. poddunney pootuga kummesi bhuktaayasam teerchukotaniki dandalesukuni tentlo tannipetti padukuni, saaynatram watch choosukuni aarintiki intikelli tini tongutunnaru... ammo ammo ammo... papam potti sreeramulu gariki ivemi teliyaledu :((((.. anavasaramga kashtapadi poyaaru (may his soul rest in peace)... veellu manalni andarini pampi maree potaaru.

saayantram 4ki bayaluderinappudu naana golaga unna tentlu, evening 8, chakkaga oodchinanta neat aipoyi unnay...

naaku akkada terichina noru intikocchaka kaani mootapadala... telugulo aamarana antey inko meaning emaina undentandi baabu.. cheppi punyam kattukondi??

Lagadapati surfaces... 14 hours of high drama.. what next???

Lagadapati surfaces after 14-hour high tension drama... He supposedly, came by on a bike or an auto and ran into the NIMS hospital in Hyderabad. So, a very dirty end to dirty politics is what I would say.. he escapes in a Qualis infront of 100s of policemen and surfaces after 14 hours.. that means he surfaces only when he wants to.. great!! now I understand why our nation is an easy target for terrorist attacks.. a person supposedly week from 8 days of hunger strike outwits the police force and security in the hospital and reaches Hyderabad in spite of Red Alert along the route and is suddenly seen in a flash running into the hospital with a jacket and outrunning the police outside the hospital and cut the scene, next he is on the hospital bed looking tired and sleepy.. wow, performance needing an Oscar...

accha so he has jaundice now, and what else???

I fail to understand what he wants to prove... I would have appreciated it if he went on to hunger strike somewhere without being caught by the police.. no he did not do that... so that implies he obviously wants to get treated and get treated at the best of facilities in the state that is NIMS... whats wrong with NRI hospital by the way.. no answer!!!

He simply seems to be another madman with a stone in his hand (picchodi chetiki enduku manam raallanistunnam?).

Whose failure is it...
**he escape in front of whole media and police... and surprisingly no one can trace him unless he himself surfaces.
**there was red alert everywhere and obviously he has not walked all the way, so how efficient is the red alert.

So, to my simple brain, he seems to make a mockery of his own party government. It is nothing but attention-seeking tactics.. what else can be the explanation. Why are still people mad to believe this guy and go with him. Supports saying that they would destroy if he is not seen.. what the hell is it??? if he genuinely meets an accident on the way due to his mad acts, will they still burn the city.. bull$$$%#$.

and whole of the govt. machinery cannot trace him and he reaches NIMS in an auto for treatment.. I fail to understand what he wants to achieve by this and why people still do support this guy... I just cant understand???... let me regroup my thoughts and come back.. Why do I time and again fail to get the logic behind things that affect us in a huge way... that is politics..

This media is now creating a hype on his health condition.. well i dont see anything wrong with this guy capable of doing this thing, literally holding the state to ransom.. what the hell... what the hell.. what the helllllllllllllllllllllll.....

Dec 20, 2009

Arent people of AP sick and tired

... of the high political drama unfolding around them??? I for one am.. I wake up due to this severe cough of mine which neither lets me sleep nor lie down and instead of browsing, I put the TV on for a change.. and yes, it doesnt fail to entertain me, amuse me, and irritate me like it always does.

Well, well, what do I see..
**Lagadapati escapes from the hospital, supposedly walks out stating he wants to talk to media, gets into his car, crashes the gate in a filmy fashion (well he has that filmy background after all) and escapes in front of 200 or more policemen/security whatever. (so much of security.. sigh.. the politicians never fail to divert attention to them drifting away from the actual issue)
**Wife complains no enough facilities in the hospital (well, that is where people from 2 districts go for treatment by the way for better treatment and if it is not enough then he as a public representative should have dealt with that issue before he set about unifying AP)... and what are you complaining for, isnt he on fast-unto-death.. which actually means no food until the demands are met or death fasting, he is better off with something rather than nothing in that deeksha camp.
**supporters threaten destruction if he is not traced and blame the police for this high-tension drama (well, anything is possible...)

Latest flash news
** he drops his gunmen
**he is in a qualis.
**he might be on NH-9
lot of speculations flying around... saying he seems to be caught yet time and again he escapes.. (and if any of his enemies catch him before the police do, what then??)..

here I fail to understand if it is the failure of machinery to contain a single individual or a cover-up by the machinery on something... (everything is so fishy, I have soo many doubts.. where is he escaping and what does he want to prove by it???)

Unaware of it all, a common man sleeps (what a bliss is this ignorance) to wake up to what?? I was happy to finally see an end to 3-day bandh and the life coming to standstill waiting for a fresh start. Monday had never been as inviting as tomorrow when I slept last night but I wake up in the middle of the night and wish to go back to sleep and wish that the mischief-mongers do the same and please whatever it is trace that Goddamn guy and lock him up in some place secure rather than let him around the roads posing a threat to self and other innocent people.

and media people, please do give us a break and rather being instigative, be a little investigative and genuine for the sake of peace TRACE HIM DOWN NOW!!!

So, what would I do if I chance up on this guy on the escape mode in my village... lock him up and give him a tight spanking to get it right and hope people AP do the same so that other people like him learn a lesson!!! phew!!

Good luck to me and AP to gear up to what we have in store thanks to all this and more.. 'cos it is 100s of lives on stake because of his as the supporters go into a frenzy and no wonder if the mob rule begins!! Have a Safe Monday...

Who is Common Man By the Way??

Well, when I go back and look at my posts, I seem to address common man in third person.. hmm.. well, who is he by the way.. it is just one of us, you and me I mean.

If a common man writes his plight.. it would go like this...

my life is a struggle from moment to moment to moment...
...a struggle to put a square meal in my mouth and feed my family the same.
...a struggle to get them educated and raise above the current level of life that I personally am leading.
...a struggle to keep myself and my family healthy by maintaining hygiene and being extra cautious about my surroundings and me.

I am not bothered if I am in a unified state or a separate state, all I am worried about is what I have to shell out to fill my plate with food... the prices have grown multifold in a very short span.

I can say, by God's grace, I am from an okay-to-do financial background but still there are few things that pinch my pocket as well as my soul...

**the rising rice price (my staple diet).
**the rising grocery price (my everyday needs).
**the rising veggie price (my everyday nutrition needs).
**the rising cost of medicine (my once in a while need or with the kind of food and tensions we have maybe a daily need too in a few cases).
**the rising cost of living (touch anything and it is burning hot in price).

I was fighting it out against all odds all these days to give a peaceful life to my daughter and I am sick (Goddamnit I am, I might deny and say all is well, but no I seriously need some Goddamn medical attention immediately before I am way beyond repair) and what is stopping that, interestingly the bandh going on.. 'cos I am scared to leave my daughter at home and go visit a doctor in the hospital because I am not sure if and if i would reach home for that day or if my visit would be a success because people are shutting down all the places... well, mine is not a life-threatening issue but still it is a major concern.

I have to eat something good, but there is nothing on the road due to bandh, no veggies, no fruits and if there is something, I seriously have to rethink if I can actually afford it.. (yes, I have to with the sky-high prices).

If it is the situation of an educated, well-to-do individual, I cant imagine the plight of others with serious ailments.

I see taxi drivers, daily hawkers, street hawkers, etc. mourning on their lost livelihood for the day.. yes, there are still people around who earn and live by the day and sadly they are starving.

Any leader who wants to go on a liquid diet under medical supervision goes on a hunger strike, their followers create a ruckus, demand this and that, burn effigies, stop the traffic, close the shops, and TV channels, my God do not even mention them.. feed up all lies, how they lie is for another post but for now in my opinion if we ban all the TV channels for a couple of days, and stop the newspapers for a while, it would be really really good. With no propaganda, the issue would die down on its own or maybe not spread this fast..

I am sick and I am tired, both literally and figuratively.. I just want some break, I just want normal life, I just want to roam around freely and get my work done. I do not want to live like a captive in my own motherland, in my own village, in fear of what might happen the next moment. I dont want Andhra, I dont want Telangana, I dont want Seema, I am not bothered if it is unified or broken down into 24 different states, all I am bothered is I am well-fed, my neighbors and the people I see everyday are well-fed, I want kids going to school, I want people walking on the road fearlessly, I want life.. happy, sad, bad, mad, whatever it is, I want life back to normalcy.. it is maddening staying at home, waiting for things to happen when clearly nothing is happening other than high-current political drama..

Me, a common man is no way bothered... we want it to end,. So, if the majority (yes we happen to be the majority, we happen to be the king makers) is suffering because of minority who wants power, who wants money, then who is at fault.. me to vest the minority with such a high power or they who wield the power I give to them.

I am confused, I am sad, I am sick, I am hopping mad for letting this thing go out of hand.. is there an end to it soon? or is there an end ever???

Dec 18, 2009

I am Hurt and Angry.. Edited!!

...hurt because someone I trusted to be a genuine blogger with a cause and a purpose turned out to be yet another plagiarist.
...angry because I let myself fooled around all this while thinking it was a genuine effort.

So, those who bother to wonder about my status in messenger and this post title, be rest assured I am fine personally and so is the little one. It is just that my feelings are hurt in a little way.

and yes, I have hurt someone else' s feeling too in the process by putting it up here because the said person would be embarrassed in front of the viewership.. well, not really I have a very less readership and I dont really publicize the blog as much.. It is just my very close friends who care to follow regularly and the rest I really dont know.. a few by chance and a few by choice..

Okay, I understand the intentions were genuine and the error was inadvertent, so let things be...

To be honest, when I found people like Mad Momma, Kiran and others fighting it out against plagiarism I was like, okay what is so much of hue and cry about.. why cant we just think that okay these guys just dont have it in them and simply lift from ours, big deal??? Like they say, you wont feel the heat until you experience it.. I did, I would have laughed it off if it were to be anyone else... I feel bad because I thought this guy is different and he does have enormous potential. Just wish such things dont happen by mistake also.

I still feel the kid does a good job, and wish he would just continue to do it but please give credit where it is due...

The anger if you get it was not against what happened to me, it was against the trust factor.. maybe I had too many expectations from the person to take it lightly and brush it off.. anyways Good luck!!!

Dec 17, 2009

Illu kaali okadedistey

Choorulo chuttalu kaalipoyi inkokadu edchadu anta venakatikevado... Ivvala Mohan babu oops.. Padmasree Dr. Mohan Babu Samaikhyandhra support chestoo edo chesaaranta, oka 200 mandi school kelli godava chesaaranta, okay fine.. cheppukunnaru badhapaddaru aipoyindi kada.. then comes the "legibrity trademark" adenandi Legendary celebrity kada aayana mari, term nenu coin cheyyaledu lendi oka pillakay chesadu bagundi kadaa..... anni kotlu petti Saleem teesamu, inni kotlu karchupetti publicity chesaamu, konni chotla release ayyindi, konni chotla release kooda kaanivvatledu.. alaa cheyyocchaa, nyayamenaa anta :(((...

Seriously, naaku artham kaadu eeyana... burra tirigindi naaku raashtramkosam janam kottuku chastuntey manodi koduku cinema gola... mundu kopamocchinaa.. taravata anipinchindi ilanti comedy kings lekapote emi tochatledu kada.. Amma Lakshmi mee naanaki konchem maatladatam nerpinchamma, needemo super talkshow.. mee naana talking modaledite adireti comedy show.. by the way, the much needed comic relief in between the tense situation prevailing.

Dec 16, 2009

Time for Political Music?????

The one song which is bombarding the news channels the past few days is the video song advertisement by Lagadapati in favor of united Andhrapradesh. Yes, it is very good, no doubt about it. In fact, the first time I heard it, I was happy the govt. or that particular channel could come up with something this good, to bring about awareness but then at the end the title -- mee lagadapati glaring out aloud that this was another political campaign took out the essence of it all.. there were a lot of questions in my mind...

okay.. so when did KCR give his fast ultimatum
when did he start the liquid supplement diet (I refuse to accept that is a fast-unto-death in anyway because of obvious reasons)
when did Chidambaram give his separate state initiation statement
When did Lagadapati open his voice
When did he make this video.. it is obvious that it is made in rush.. so this rush could have been well accepted if it were to be done earlier when voices of separation were raised.

and where was he all the while for the past month or so.. he knew what the fast was for all through right???? I would have appreciated and felt it was genuine if it were launched the day the voices for separation were raising their hood.. now even that beautiful song stinks and screams out aloud a sheer political agenda to me... nothing else... I agree with all the points.. but as bolded in the text what Lagadapaati sees, according to me, is the pasidi meda in terms of thousands of crores of his very own properties out there... Samaikhyandra is really good but it doesnt sound convincing after all this...

The otherwise soothing voice of Gazal Srinivas screaming out through lungs doesnt really bring out anything in me.... each scream in emunnadi brings out the feeling as if the politicians are screaming out loud "naakemunnadi" that is it!!! Is it just me or do people out there agree too????!!

By the way, lyrics of Lagadapati song go like this....

Oyi teluguvaada, pada adey velugu vaada, manakalala pasidi meda.. tagadinti naduma goda.. --oyi--
anna kashtaalenno orchi orchi gunde mandi kinuka rechi (couldnt get this word, pljease let me know if you do)
satyagraha ranam chesi, oka tandre dhaaraposi
daayadula vennu vanchi, sonta gadda samaarjinchi
telugu jaati paruvu penchi, samaikhyatanu nirvacchinchi
ipudu raashtra patam chinchi chinchi... emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi --oyi--

ituraa o sodarudaa.. o naa chelikaada
manadey ee pedda chettu, ee challani needa
andhra, seema,telangana, okkokatoka ooda
prati ooru, prati palle, telugu chettu kaada, pattincham anuko ippudu
verupaatu cheeda.. inkemunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi --oyi--

jaati mahaa yaatra ilaa saage povaali gaani -2-
nadumana mana adugulu tadabadipote, nadakalalo vadipote
manaku manaku chedipote, gontula sruti vidipote, kalayika sandadipotey, oka snehapu mudipote
tadipote.... emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi, emunnadi --oyi--

If nothing, I am sure these politicians could make money writing and directing movies and ads.. err.. they already are into it right.

The very same leaders who used to sing bhajans and songs in favor of Sonia are now raising their voices against the decision at the center. Well, what did they think.. it was pass the blame game when it came to a deciding factor, when KCR was threatening, when Telangana area was boiling everyone was supporting their cause openly or otherwise, supporting them and the others were conveniently silent because they knew it is not going to happen anyway so why become bad and spoil the image in Telangana areas, let the movement take it course, it will die on its own and then we can think and decide and talk. What else is the reason for staying quiet when KCR drama was unfolding in the state.

I personally would have applauded the relay hunger strikes all over remaining AP had they been initiated on the day KCR went on his. What did the silence all over mean, what should the center take a hint from, our silence right.. so they did what was the need of the hour. Since, only Telangana voices were heard and rest were either in support or just watching silently and cautiously to move their pawns in this vicious game, it is the common man who is suffering. A govt. employee gets paid, a s/w employee gets paid, a private limited employee gets paid but what about the poor laborer who gets paid only when he slogs throughout the day.. what happens to a road-side hawker whose family depends on what he earns for the day. What about so many daily wage workers who depend on a day's hard work and toil to have a meal in their plate. Is the common man interested in all this.

I would say no, it is just a few political vultures and high-fi investors who are scared about the downward spiral or I would see this high-drama now as their own vested-interest move, okay what wrong, let us go forward with the agitation, if the center bends down fine, if not and there is separation, we will still be in the top cadre.. shame on them!!

I see leaders like Nannapaneni extending support to all the people doing the fasts across the state irrespective of the parties in fact kissing lagadapati good luck and crying with Devineni Uma, wow, they make great pictures, but do people really really believe and now Chiru jumping into the samaikhya bandwagon.. If I am not too senile, Saamaajika Telangana was in their manifesto or whatever and what about Telugu Desam party they were hand in glove with TRS right. Just a matter of months and we see so many changes. It is heartening see them unite but yes they would do anything to stay in limelight. What I am not able to understand is why is an educated understanding and otherwise intelligent common man throwing a blind eye and going with the flow of these evil-minded manipulative manners.

and JP sir, as usual, you say, you are pro-telangana if it is achieved using constitutional means but sir, this just wont work.. you have to take a stand, either you are for it or you are not for it. You are an able administrator, well learned and man of ethics but a leader should also be able to make us see the path if not very clearly, at least vaguely. You go by the book, you want people to go by the law.. yes, we will. LSP is the only party a lot of people like me look up to in terms of a response on what is going on and time and again, I personally am disappointed. This is one party where people go on their own, each member in the party is there because they want to see the change, they want to go by lawful means, they want to achieve something with an able guide like you because we are otherwise without a direction. Agreed, it is a small minority, very very small indeed but even that small group would scatter if such is the noncommittal attitude.

I happened to see a video in response to Lagadapati's ad

which I felt is true too... why the unnecessary issue, the bill has to pass, the decision has to be made and then comes the talk of plus or minus Hyderabad or whatever why all the high drama obstructing day-to-day life other than personal motives.

A poetical political reply to this by Mandaati Satyanarayana is something which goes along these lines..
orori lagadapaati jagadaalu maanaventi
badayi vadilipettu, ladaayi kattipettu
idi telangana gadda, nuvu marchipoku bidda
nee valla bratuku chedda, maa gunam manchi dodda
idi kaadu neeku adda, nuvvu enni vagalu paddaa

I am left in no doubt that there is no immediate solution whatever, will the people pro-Telangana keep quiet if the government backtracks on its promise. Wont it be a prestige issue to them.. forget the prestige issue, arent emotions already ruling the roost!!! Present day Andhrapradesh is clearly an example of what happens when each person goes in a different direction, what happens when a political party keeps itself together after wavering quite a lot on its stand.. To an outsider it all seems messy and I have my non-AP friends asking me hell a lot of questions as to why things out of hand... my reply is like I really dont know.. it was bound to happen a long while ago, an outcry to have progress by people but it is sad that even that outcry is being used by politicians in a different way..

One very strange out of the blue question that blew my fuse was..."okay, a movement of this magnitude happens only after a lot of oppression and anger, so why is it that everything was calm until YS death.. you think his accident was really an accident????" this was my friend from Karnataka, whose family moved from AP to Karnataka a couple of generations ago, who is right now in Mexico, who is kind of startled by such a huge outcry all of a sudden. I am like.. NO WAY, THIS CANT BE, NOO way, No way, no way and then again oh, no I never thought in that angle and it is a big NO.

So, a whole lot of confusion, a whole of lot of drama, a dash of reality and a lot of media-fed lies, dont know where we are heading to.. am confused, or is there any other big term or a new term to actually bring out the state I and a whole lot of people like me are in...

PS: Hari, I am not able to comment on your posts.. loved the Sonia one and it is so true, to a large extent it is that attitude which made us see the day like this.. can you leave me your mail id in comment.

Dec 9, 2009

A Red Letter Day???

The much awaited day for the separatists has dawned.. at the strike of midnight or close to it, the statement comes out.. they do give it a nod, the process of initiation is going to happen and KCR drinks juice.. well, when was he actually fasting by the way?????? Since the govt. is anyway going to declare a separate state, why not go for a fast and get undue credit is the motto was it.

Beware Telangana people.. let us not make it another Uttaranchal or Jharkhand if and if it happens.. and by the way, that leaves me confused as to where I belong to now.

Born in coastal Andhra, brought up in Hyderabad, residing everywhere in the nation. what does that make me??? So, next time I step in Hyderabad, will that be another state I am traveling to... shocking even when prepared. truth takes time to sink in or will it??

Good luck each and everyone of us who is as confused as I am and good luck to those who are pretty happy at the outcome 'cos you need to maintain the same in the future too... Good luck generation next.. so where do we begin.. Rayalaseema or Uttarandhra??? take your pick!!!! and we need to gear up for whirlwind changes soon.. shaking my head, shaking it strong, shaking it wild but will that help it sink in any faster?

Manasulo Maata -- on a lighter note, if it passes the initiation phase.
KCR group: Hammayya, bodylo unna beemaarilannitiki free treatment aipotadi, peruki peru vastadi, CM, Home, Revenue, okatenti family familyni dimpestaam inka dopideeki.
Chi... aa mushti padavedo KCR ki appudey tagalettestey inta dooram vacchedi kaadu, naa properties anni subbaramga undevi kada.. sigh, sigh, sigh.

Why didnt we give it earlier on and make another strong cong state in the nation, now this KCR shares this glory.

Good, we have a strong foothold in coastal areas, we can show this as govt. failure to put the state together and try for power.
: Emaite naakenti, melligaa aalochinchi, discuss chesi teerikaga oka statement paaresi naa koduku career meeda concentrate chestaa, adey better.
JP: Vacchindi ani sambaramkaadu, cheyyalsindi choodandi, otu hakkuni viniyoginchukondi, manchiki cheduki teda telusukondi.. ippatikaina kallu terichi kotta raashtraanni teerchididdukondi.. daaniki naa vantu saayam eppudu untundi.

Common Man: Ento ee gola, emaina ratelu taggutaya landsvi, enta taggina tinadaaniki tindi kosam pade tippallo sonta illu koodana enti... aina cost of living taggutundaa, tindi, gudda, neeru, chaduvu annitiki noru teruchuku choodalsindekada.. naa bratuku ekkada vesina gongali akkade kada..

Dear Daughter - 8

Dearest LO:

It has been 9 nine months in the belly and 9th month in the world outside. Let me say, I love you, love you, love you and love you to the power of infinite. It hurts me to see you sad, and sadly, you have been the target of a lot of ailments this past month. You have gone down drastically in terms of weight but the smile on your lips is intact which is what is keeping me going without breaking down. It has been a month of sickness, first the cold, cough, and fever, then the diarrhea, then the fall from the walker, then the cold again, then the lactose intolerance. It seemed to be a never-ending battle that we were facing collectively against germs and bugs seemingly attacking the kids all over.

It is amazing how easy it is for you to forget pain or pleasure in a moment and live the life of a saint, everything is momentary for you. You feel it at that moment and then you are back to normal self, enjoying/going through each moment as it comes and what it gives, no expectations, no disappointments, nothing as of now. No matter how many toys you have, you find your pleasure in plastic wrappers, empty powder tins, packaging boxes, news paper, mud, sand, leaves anything but the toys once you are done with the quota of play for the day.

It feels good to see that pleasure in your eyes when you get a new toy... anything, any little gift, any little toy lights up your eyes, brings a squeal to your voice and the happy scream is more than worth the effort in picking it up. You are not yet at a age where you measure the value of the gift by price or by size, it is just that it is new and bright that matters to you... Just wish that quality of yours is never lost in this materialistic world. Another thing I love about you is that you dont mind to share your toys, you dont mind to be content with what you have in hand and hand over the remaining happily to the kids playing with you. Great kiddo, way to go, share it.. it is with one toy you play at a time, so why not let them.. good job!!!! I also notice that you dont get depressed if someone pulls the toy from you, just give them a look, try to get it and if they dont give it, just pick another and go about it.. wow, that is cool, when will I learn to do that.. or when will I ever re-learn to do it.

Coming to that, there are a lot of things that you taught me. Isnt it the other way it should be. Forgive this mom for not being able to teach you anything. I guess you know everything and it is my duty to not let you forget what you already know..

***You wake up very early in the morning and go about playing with yourself and enjoy that quality time with yourself even if i dont wake up. (point 1, dont let you lose that habit because I myself want to sleep a little more).
***You are so very dedicated to learn anything new, and you just don't rest until you perfect that, be it a new word, a new task like rolling over, sitting, trying to stand.. you just dont rest, your thoughts, focus and everything is on the task at hand, way to go.. if you go that way, you will attain anything you want to.
***Constant learning.. everything is very new to you, every sound, every sight, everything, you absorb everything and set about knowing it more. It is one thing that as an elder, we tend to forget, we tend to say okay, I give up, i cant learn anymore. When a kid who knows nothing builds up a vocabulary so strong, why cant we well-learned and well-grown adults do the same, there is always a place to grow, to learn, to absorb.. life is a constant struggle to learn and put to practice what is learnt.
***You show the same love and affection to everyone irrespective of caste, creed, race, color, size, shape, and even what species they belong to. Great kiddo, be just the same.. there will come a time when you need to be aware of a few things which I would certainly let you know but for now, spread the same cheer.

and coming to what you personally made me realize are
I can do anything if I want to no matter how many distractions
I need to take care of myself first to take care of you
I need to keep my mind fresh and happy so that it doesnt affect you even in the minutest way.. so, with you in my life there is a whole lot of order to it.
I need to keep the smile on my face with no sign of anger, not just at you but any one in general, so you taught me what everyone else had failed to do, put a tab on my unusually strong anger.

Was scared to look after you as a baby so tiny in my hands, just about a little more than both my palms put together and looking back, it is no big deal that I did that, you have been such a wonderful baby guiding me all through and cooperating at every step. I still remember the ringing words in my ears of your doc "chettu meeda pakshulaki evari help untundi, they manage with a kid on top of a tree and balance them right".. yes, you gave me the courage to beat the odds and showed me the strength within that I did not know existed. That smiling face, that naughty look in the eye vanishes any sign of tiredness. People do call me a good mom at times but dearest baby it is because of a great baby like you that I get to be that.

You have been the best I could have asked for so far but you scared the hell out of me being constantly sick for a while one after the other and with a drastically down appetite. Just hope it is the teething trouble and those pearly whites do kick in and finish off this phase fast.

Your vocabulary has increased a lot and you keep practicing new two-letter combination words all the time.. to leave you with a few thaatha, atthha, paapa, babababa, amma, nyanya, ayya, aao aao, and a lot more in gibberish which neither my tongue nor my writing skills can replicate here.. way to go kiddo...

and yeah, you are not tooooooo good either before you start dancing up, you are way too naughty to keep amma on her old toes :((( trying to crawl up and fall down in the process hurting yourself and scaring the hell out of poor amma.. be good kiddo, dont fall, be brave and yeah just be as good.. I might not deserve all this goodness but I dont mind it you know :).

Love you loads.....


Dec 7, 2009

Collegie Kurravaada... kulsaaga tirigetoda!!

Collegie kurravada kulaasaga tiregetoda
vilaasala maata maruvaro.. o vidhyardhi
viplavaala baata nadavaro, o vidhyardhi..

donationlu kattataaniki doodapeyyanamminaaru
feesulu chellinchataaniki chelli gaajulamminaaru
pustakaalu konadaaniki talli pustelamminaaru
batuku baagu chestaavani ro.. oh vidhyardhi
basteeki pampinaaruro.. oh Vidhyaardhi

This is one song my friend used to sing while I was in school and me being the rebel and a fan of naxalism and all, fell in love with it instantly. Yes, got me right, I was into reading and listening to naxal literature thanks to her father and his friends. But gradually, the interest in it faded. I did not quite know what was wrong, but felt there was something wrong, maybe it was in the system, maybe it was in the surroundings around me. But I was always awestruck by the words rebellion, naxalism, revolution and all and that seemed to be the most IN thing to do. Why?? Honestly, maybe it was just a fashion trend at that time in my tiny mind.

Later on gradually, it faded and as the reality sank in, the struggle of life, the struggle to move on with it, pushed the high aspirations and the political rebel in me into the farthest corner and all I do now is just wonder and wonder and sometimes shout in this space and then again wonder.. sigh.. there I digress...

So, this agitation, Jai Telangana movement or whatever it is, really really unfortunate. The students or the name of the students being dragged into it is really sad to note. When I look at the students on the TV, I find it hard to digest and believe that they are students actually, it looks like unemployed/uneducated youth are bought and sent to give life to false agitation. I agree there is anger in all sectors of life and all age groups towards the injustice meted to them time and again but the way they are reacting is not believable. The TV channels showing and mentioning time and again that "tama priyatama naayakudu, tama hakkulakosam praana tyaagam cheyyadaniki siddhapadda mahaneeyudu, anna KCR, kosam vidhyarthi prapamcham viplavam shrushtistundi, blah.. blah.." tyaga moorthi my foot, all the student unions put together tell him that they take charge of the movement and dont want him in the picture, the next thing he would do is go for a best corporate hospital and then go underground for a while before cooking up new strategy.. What is he doing right now, enjoying all the attention diverting it from the cause.

If they were actually educated youth they would never give into great actors like KCR. Their wisdom and knowledge would let them see through his selfishly-directed motives rather than collective benefit. Gandhiji has given us a weapon of satyagraha but what is the "satya" and what is the "aagraha" directed at? There is also something called non-cooperation that can be followed. If the employees feel they are sidelined "pen-down" dont work, get together, no point burning buses, effigies, and thereby burning a hole in our own pocket. Just refuse to cooperate to run the public machinery smoothly.. Is it that tough, tougher than burning buses and beating down people and destroying shops.

Refuse to do any work, refuse to go to college, refuse to rest until you get the justice. Do not let the leaders like them to ruin your already ruined and downtrodden lives. What is the guarantee that KCR and his family doesnt do another KODA act? what is the guarantee that the people in a separate state are not left to minimum wage, no work guarantee life and go across states for a decent livelihood like people from Jharkand and all do.

Yes, we fight for our rights.
Yes, we fight for what is rightfully ours.
Yes, we fight for justice.
Yes, we fight for equality.
Yes, we fight for everything good.. but shouldnt the means justify the end that we want to achieve.

Why give that man KCR, a many with a body full of ailments from head to toe, who is on drip continuously and the only reason we are to believe that he is on fast-unto-death is that he is not accepting any solid food the credit for the hardwork the youth is putting. He has been under proper care from minute 1 he decided to go for fasting, rather announcing 3 weeks before actually even attempting that what was the point. Every one of us, even a layman knows that just talks wont work and we need something drastic to happen, then why not start off spontaneously and show that you are genuinely stuck to the cause. Why is it that only his son, nephew, and daughter is actively participating in all active decisions.. no one else in the party is it.. or Telangana comprises only of one family???

If and if there is an understanding now between the leaders and the issue is parked for a while with a few promises, who will run around the court for the cases registered on them, who is going to suffer once their names are in the police records as anti-social elements. Okay, if there is a separate state minus Hyderabad, what is the progress aspect of the rest of the districts??? will that issue be finalized there? What is this concept of free zone all about, something that benefits the rich and famous or the poor and needy..

I just hope and wish the students dont fall into the trap of the leaders and think on their own. If this is a rebellion and a struggle for freedom, so be it but let that be genuine, let that be peaceful, let that be strong. Diluting the very essence of the movement by diverting the attention for all wrong reasons is the key strength of politicians.. why give them the chance in the first place. If it is youth power talking, let the youth power be the one leading the new state or existing state or whatever. I just wish that whatever it is that is gained by this movement right now at this moment is not thrown away to the greedy vultures like KCR and family.

It is Srikanth's family that is at loss now, it does not really bother me unless I want to think about it or for that matter, it doesnt bother anyone other than his immediate blood relatives.. we read in paper, we watch in tv, we might shed a tear or two, or take it a little way longer by paying tributes but then that is it.. he is forgotten, he just becomes another anonymous person in this struggle....

Unified AP, segregated AP, whatever, if the people are prospering it is good... being played as pawns in the hands of well-calculated manipulative political minds, adding fuel to the fire once in a while is just not acceptable.. given a chance, leaders will break AP into colonies and try to rule to fill their own pockets.. is that what we want, is this what our education has taught us to do?..

Burning Potti Sreeramulu statue, demolishing them is not an answer to the solution. Prior to reorganization, Telangana was a separate state while Andhra and Madras were merged together. It was for separation of those states on linguistic basis that he fought for rather than merger of Telangana and telugu-speaking places. It was against SRC, that the merger had happened to satisfy the anger after his death after a prolonged fasting, 50 days and more to be precise and only then the anger went out of control... and if I am not wrong, he had undertaken another fast prior to this, giving the govt. a chance, which he stopped as he was promised and only when it was not fulfilled after a considerable time lapse, he went on for another one.. so why not this guy do the same if it is genuinely in the interest of people.

It is not right to compare those 2 guys, PS had no family to speak of to bring into the fore, no political high hopes to get into power, it was pure following Gandhism for a dedicated cause. Now, forgetting it all, just pointing him as the reason for the downtrodden Telangana area is just not fair. Things can be gotten done, even when unified. Railroad, education funds, agricultural help, water share, employment share, everything can be bettered when we dont sell the vote, when we dont sell ourselves and as an educated youth, we should educate the rest of the people to understand the intricate details and guide them towards progress isnt it?? or then what is the use of our education....

Dec 6, 2009

Edagataanikendukuraa tondaraa..

Movie: Andaala Ramudu.. so true..

Edataanikendukuraa tondaraa... edara batukantaa chindaravandaraa..jojo, jojo, jojo.

edigevo badilonu ennenno chadavaali, panikiraani paathalu batteeyam pettali
chadavakuntey parikshalo copylu kottali.. pattubaditey failaitey bikkamoham veyyali
college seatlu agachaatlura, avi konadaaniki undaali notluraa
chaduvu poortaiyitey modalavvunu paatluraa --anduke--

Udyogam vetalona oorantaa tiragaali, addamaina vaallaki good morning kottali
aamyamya arpinchi hastaalu tadapaali, interview antu queue antoo poddantaa nilavali
pilupu raakuntey nee aasa wasteura, malla pettali inko darakhastura
endamaavi neekepudu dostura --anduke--

BA nu chadivi chinna bantrotu panikelitey MAlu achata mundu siddhamu, neevu cheyalevu vaallato yuddamu
batakaleka badipantulu pani nuvvu chesaavo padinella daaka jeetamivvaru, nuvvu batikaavo chacchevo choodaru.. ee sanghamlo edagamey dandaga
manchi kaalamokati vastundi nindugaa
apudu edagadame baalalaku panduga --anduke--

super lyrics, sadly the situation seems to be evergreen.. just that the time lapse has been more.

Dec 4, 2009

Alupannadi Undaa..

Movie: Gaayam
alupannadi undaa yegire alaku yedaloni layaku
adupannadi undaa kalige kalaku karige varaku
melikalu tirige... nadi nadakalaku
mari mari urike... madi talapulaku, lala, lala, lalalalaaa --alupannadi--

naa kosame chinukai karigi aakaasame digadaa ilaku
naa sevake sirule chiliki daasohame anadaa velugu
aaraaru kaalaala andaalu bahumati kaavaa... naa oohalaku
kalalanu tevaaa.. naa kannulaku.. lala, lala, lalalalaaa.. --alupannadi--

nee choopule tadipe varaku.. yemainado naalo vayasu
nee oopire tagile varaku etu unnado merise sogasu
ededu lokaaa dwaarala talapulu teriche... tarunam koraku
eduruga nadiche.. toli aasalaku... lala, lala, lalalalaaa.. --alupannadi--

A sweet romantic song.. good and soothing to listen to.

Evaro Okaru.. Epudo Apudu...

Movie: Ankuram
Lyrics: Sirivennala Seetarama Sastry.. (need I say!!!).. inspiration at its best.

evaro okaru epudo apudu
nadavaraa mundugaa ato, ito, eto vaipu --evaro--

modati vaadu eppudu okadey mari
modati adugu eppudu ontarey mari
telupavacchu vaallaku baata ainadi --evaro--

kadalaru evvaru vekuva vacchinaa anukuni kodi koota nidurapoduga
jagatiki melukolpu maanukoduga
modati chinuku sootiga dooki raanidey mabbu kongu chaatuga odigi daagitey
vaanadhaara raaduga nela daariki
praanamantu leduga bratakadaaniki --evaro--

chedaraka podugaa chikkani cheekati minuguru rekka chaatu chinni kantiki
daaniki lekkaledu kaalaraatiri
pedavi pramida nilapani navvu jyothini reppa venuka aapani kantineetini

saagaleka aagithe daari dorakunaa
jaalichupi teerame dariki cherunaa --evaro--

yugamulu saagina ningini taakaka
egasina alala asha alasipoduga
votami oppukuntu aagipoduga
enta vedi endato ollu mandite
anta vaadi aavirai velli cheradaa
anta goppa suryudu kallu mooyada
nallamabbu kammitey challa baarada --evaro--

aa evaro okaru nenenduku kaalekapotunna :(

Dec 3, 2009


So apt in the present day scenario.. the one song that is at the back of my mind as and when I see the TV and the flash news these days... yet another gem of this man/legend Sirivennala... did I say Hatsoff... yeah, a thousand times over!!

Lyrics : Sirivennela

suraajyamavaleni swaraajyamendukani
sukhaana manaleni vikaasamendukani
nijaanni bali korey samaajamendukani
adugutondi adigo egirey bharata pataakam --surajyamavaleni--

aavesamlo prati nimusham.. urikey nippula jalapaatam
katti konala ee vartamaanamuna bratakadu saanti kapotam
bangaru bhavitaku punaadi kaagala yuvata prataapaalu
bhasmaasura hastaalai pragatiki samaadhi kadutuntey
Sirasu vanchenadigo egirey bharata pataakam
cherugutundi aa talli charitalo viswa vijayaala vibhavam --surajyamavaleni--

kulamataala davaanalaaniki karugutunnadi manchusikharam
kalahamula haalaahalaaniki marugutunnadi hindusandram
desamantey mattikaadanu maata marachenu neti vilayam
amma bhaarati balini korina raachakurupee raajakeeyam
vishamu chimmenu jaati tanuvunaa... ee vikruta gaayam

Nammaku.. Nammaku

Actually, this is a very very late reaction after the initial prediction. To be precise, I was speechless, thought this guy would at least go on fast for a couple of days before he starts breaking up.. the high drama by the government and the TRS cadre was absolutely unnecessary. The movement for a separate state has gained enough momentum and rather than obstructing, I feel personally that the issue should be addressed and let the things take their own course rather than hushing up the issue with false promises and wait until the movement raises its ugly hood again claiming lives and creating chaos in the lives of innocent people.

The leaders both from unified AP and the separatists would be safe in their security protected homes, chauffeur-driven vehicles, and with nepotism at its peak their people in good powerful places while the common man is just left to the mercy of them.

The high drama unfolding in various hospitals, jails, vehicles, wherever KCR happens to be there is getting on to my nerves. Agreed, the people in the rural areas, the totally uneducated lot might not understand and will still pin down their hopes on this guy but what is with those students and all who want to claim their lives for his sake. Okay, movement for the development of Telangana region, for the people is at least a noble way of thinking about it but the words and statements clubbing KCR and Telangana are just not right. What is this guy doing, cant you guys see the bluff, it is hardly 5th day and the health is deteriorating, Human Rights organizations intervene, politicians intervene, family intervenes, and the whole focus is diverted for wrong reasons. If the government bows down for a fast-unto-death threat by an individual because he wants power in his hands then maybe it would be a good idea that Jagan and his supporters start another movement for Rayalaseema separate state because he wants to become the CM anyways. Is that the way, we go about it?? Isnt there any law in place, cant we see to it that the law is followed, cant we be watchdogs of the society and pounce upon anyone who dares to tread in corrupt path. Yes, it is very much possible, but where do we start.

To begin with, I agree totally that years and years and years waiting for someone to come, something to be done, the people are vexed up but then again what are they doing now, they are pinning down their hopes on one person whose solo aim is self-promotion. A youth puts himself on fire, who is suffering, nobody but him and his immediate family members, is he receiving medical care, how is the family coping up financially, are we bothered? No, we are bothered about a man who is forcibly fed or hydrated and is under very good care of government. Sad isnt it?

Students threaten to die for him, if something happens to him.. shame on them, who do they think they are doing it for, giving up the precious life that has been given to them by their parents God knows after how many sacrifices and with how many hopes. You want jobs, you want growth and equality all over, you want to reap the benefits of the natural resources and want to actually lead a life of democracy, then fight for it. Fighting it out till your last breath to be heard is very genuine and valid but DO NOT BELIEVE THESE SHEEP-SKINNED WOLVES, THE SNAKES WHO OCCUPY THE ANTHILL.

If and If there is a separate state, it should be because all of you all want it for your development, it is the collective hard-work and resolute and determination of each and every person from that area and not just attributing it to a guy called KCR just because he happens to have a political clout. I am not against or for a separate state.

To be frank, I am confused, no doubt there would be better opportunities if there is a breakup but will the people be able to get them genuinely or will it be just the way that Britishers left our nation after it is plundered to the core and the leaders plundered what all they have left. At least, it was okay at that time, because we knew queen was benefiting from it all. Now, it is worse because a brother is looting his own and stacking it away for selfish reasons.

I had followed the happenings on the day one, by the evening or maybe late evening I see this guy KCR talking soberly that he doesnt want people comitting suicide because of him and all that and drink juice with his very own hands and after seeing the reaction of people outside that his bluff is out, the family and the near and dear claim that he was medicated and forced. B*^*&)(*)(*. I wont believe and neither will most of them.

What is wrong with this media, who keeps showing fake news claiming to be flash news. Why do we need to glorify this person so much.. why not focus on genuine root cause of it all. Let that person BE and think about the blind supporters or are there any of them left?????????


Nov 29, 2009

KCR-TRS, Telangana... Pent-up anger!!!!

Telangana comprises of 9 districts Medak, Rangareddy, Warangal, Adilabad, Khammam, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Karimnagar, and Nizamabad, the state capital Hyderabad also falls in it. Seriously speaking other than Hyderabad, I have not actually heard of anything much about the rest of the districts other than reading about them in geography books. SRC (state reorganization committee) headed by Fazal Ali in the year 1953 appointed by the then Prime Minister Nehru to re-arrange the states on a linguistic basis which submitted its findings by 1955. The findings were in favor of a different state because of the concerning uneven distribution of resources, the coastal Andhra was endowed with fertile lands and the water resources, the major sources Krishna and Godavari flow through Telangana but lack of dams/irrigation projects and control has never let the people use the resources fully.. After so many political turns and twists and interventions unified Andhrapradesh was formed in the year 1956 on Nov 1 after self-sacrifice of Potti Sri Ramulu whose fast-unto-death acted as the final trigger to the already red-hot issue back then and there was something called a Gentleman's agreement which kind of brought an understanding between leaders from both Andhra and Telangana for equal distribution of resources and many more condition and clauses for the development of the downtrodden areas in both zones.

Lot of people out there are still where there were back then, there is to a large extent lack of literacy, development, nutrition, everything you name it, you find it. Why is there so much of a difference.

But unfortunately, I have seen no proportionate development, while the region of Andhra has developed drastically, the other areas are just kind of neglected, the revenue pumped in Hyderabad was distributed majorly to the already developed coastal region ignoring the Telangana to a large extent and some instances completely as well. Nearly nothing from the agreement was implemented with led to the anger amongst the leaders of Telangana and a movement for separate state was launched aggressively in 1969 which was famous as Jai Telangana Movement which turned violent and many students have lost their lives and the movement gradually lost its spark and there were a few voices raised here and there against the injustice but nothing concrete but from 2000 onwards there has been some movement in the leaders of Telangana.

Since then though random voices were raised and emotions were recharged nothing was strong enough to make the government look back. Some time back in 2000 or so, BJP was in favor of giving separate Telangana but the coalition partner TDP was vehemently against it, so it did not materialize either. TRS then had a coalition with Congress which has promised to strive for separate state, in word but not as an agreement. So, KCR vexed with no action, again joined with TDP for the sake of separate Telagana but fell flat in the recent 2009 elections and kind of lost his credibility. To me, as a common man/woman KCR felt like an opportunist raising voice only when his own personal vested interests were not satisfied, the great alliance was something which irked me a lot!!!!!

To me, KCR (Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao), is a hardcore politician who once in a while wakes up from a deep slumber and remembers the cause of his political entry and talks and talks and drinks and then talks, he means to do good for the downtrodden but I guess only after his personal motives are met. He enjoys the power and suddenly realizes that his people need to be empowered too. He means well for the people of Telangana districts just once in a while. To me, he is a nautanki-personified. I havent been in touch with his brand of politics though.

He was born in Medak dt, a Masters graduate in Literature from Osmania University, into politics representing Mehaboobnagar constituency. He began his political career through TDP prior to which he was working as a travel agent I guess, not really sure as to his background, but he was a deputy speaker in TDP govt. at the time he left TDP and started TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) which was supposedly to work for a separate statehood for Telangana in 2001. So, it has taken 9 yrs. for him to wake up and make a move this drastic.

I do not see any result from this fast-unto-death drama of his. Yeah you might call me unkind or ignorant but I just feel it is one of his dramas.

I agree, Telagana is the largest of all the three regions Andhra, Rayalaseema, and Telangana yet the development seen in the other two places is clearly lacking in Telangana. Reason???? The CMs from the respective regions have developed their own regions giving a cold shoulder to the Telangana Talli. I agree, the people out there are vexed with futile exercise of waiting up for the leadership to keep up their promises. It is 50+ years and all the plans, agreements, promises, requests, threats, movements just went above the heads of the leadership in both state and center and it is not a surprise that the movement is gradually gaining momentum and people across the globe are trying to help out with the cause for their motherland. I really really appreciate the efforts of NRIs from back there who come down to the underdeveloped and unpriviliged lot and willing to give back to the society they come from.

I just hope KCR just doesnt give it up when everyone is geared up for it. Do I want a separate state, nope I dont want but if that is the only way the people out there can get justice then let it be. I just hope and pray there is light in their lives.

I however, do not like the people creating ruckus on the roads after the arrest of KCR, what the hell, KCR will never get into a bus, wake up you common man, it is we the common people who need to use the govt. resources. We are damaging our very own property. If people are out there on the roads threatening to go for suicides or violence and all, it is their foolishness. Silence and nonviolence is the best policy and people will just have to bow!!!!

It is not about KCR, it is about your motherland Telangana that the fight is on and let him take his own course of action, if he is arrested, cant others jump in put the pressure with peace. It is not fight of a single individual, it is the collective cry for justice, anger pent up after years and years and years of waiting for things to be set right but being shown empty hand time and again. We empower the leaders with power with the power in our own hands (vote) and give one person/one group to rule over us according to their whims and fancies, let us not fall prey to the selfish motives of politicians time and again and go out and fight it out!!!

Good luck!!

PS: By the way, I was born, raised, and currently residing in Coastal Andhrapradesh and this is my stand on Telangana.

Nov 28, 2009

Mining Mafia..

The term coined is exactly fitted. What the hell, here we are trying to figure out what to pass on to the generation next in terms of nature and its exploitation and there they are looting away mother earth's womb to glory.

Mining the resources, cheating the govt. it is so easy right.. give them a share and they dont talk.. they dont have a share and see others taking away the chunk they stomp, create ruckus and bring it to the fore.. no wonder mother earth is showing its fury in the form of natural calamities. Extremes in climate, no rains in rainy season, deadly hot summers, chilly cold winters, all is there to see yet we dont realize. These people minting money for selves storing for generations ahead in their own family dont realize that they are doing the Midas thingie all over again.

By the way, what was the media that creates furor over small things like a couple on the road arguing away personal stuff and all that, doing when the OMC was in a rush to transfer the ore from the mines. Why wasnt the media covering it and why weren't there any exclusive bulletins like this is our channel's exclusive coverage, dont go anywhere. In spite of the stay and the committee and all that happening and the nation's eyes focusing on them they could do that, isnt it what we call mafia???? What does that mean.. evadem cheptey naakenti aney dheemanena?? aa mafia to sampaadinchina dabbuni vedajimmi Karnataka lo laaga prabhutvanni saasistaara/saasistunnara? Matistimitam ledu Chandrababuki ani busyga personal statements pass chese mukhyamantri mukhyamaina vishyaallo enduku neellu namulutunnaru??? JP sir, meeru ekkada, emi chestunnaru??? Vela kotlu antu lekkalu choopedutundi gudlappaginchi choodatam minahaa emi cheyyagaladu saamanyudu.. aina samaanyudey tana votu hakkuni sarigga viniyoginchukunettayite ee badhey undadu kada.

So, with that issue going on, TRS is doing its level best to divert its attention from the pressing concerns.. Agreed, Telangana is one area which has been neglected since the time AP is formed. There is not as much progress as in AP, people still struggle for bare minimum where as people in fertile coastal region enjoy all the benefits, there is geographical discrimination and yes, definitely political discrimination as well, people do starve, people do struggle like anything, they deserve better life. But is it the right way to do. Are the leaders like KCR going to bring about progress to the downtrodden. Sadly, no. It is the people themselves who can do it. Telangaana pratyeka raashtram sounds good, but unna rashtramlo jarigevi bayatapetti jarige akramaala guttu rattu chesi, media attention positivegaa aa issues meedaki teppinchi, paiki raavadaniki krushi cheyavalsindi poyi, enti godavalu... naa kanna talli, naa puttinillu AP adi mukkalautuntey choodalantey chaala badhaga undi but then I am ready to face it if and if only that would give prosperity to my brethren over there.. can anyone guarantee the progress??? do we need the additional burden, cant we get the best out of the existing arrangement... chinni chinni mukkalu chesukuntoo potey emi migulutundi asalu.. kotlu mingey netalu kaburlu cheptaaru, chali kotu kooda leka vilavila laadey janam, 100ki 50ki kakkurti padi vaari venta veltaaru.. vaalla kotlu taragavu, veella kotlu nilavavu :((((((((....

Nov 26, 2009

Accountability... good to know!!!!

I have always thought of JP as a hope in the current completely corrupt political arena. He has been with political leaders for quite some time and yes, he knows the ins and outs and ifs and buts of the political leaders when he was in administrative service, but still he is not yet prepared to face it. He is not as evil-minded and plotting as them but I feel he is a bit laid back. Okay, I agree that quote of Martin Luther King that Silence of good men is more dangerous than brutality of bad men. But there is no point working silently when so-called leaders are shouting on top of their voices and screaming their lungs out and diverting our attention.

I would have been more pleased if he were a bit more aggressive in bringing out those sheep-skinned wolves and stripping them naked of their evil deeds. I believe that he has that power to do so and maybe he alone can do it because he is untouched by any of it so far. I would be lying if I would say I am happy with his performance and want to see more of it. I even find him being diplomatic and noncommittal in various aspects that he can actually fight for and bring into fore. The problem is we have put in a lot many expectations on a single person who is battling against all odds alone. He is no doubt working but with the backing of most educated people he could have done much better than losing himself in that ocean of evil-minded people.

OH has been into active volunteering during the elections in March and April and he felt good about it, I feel good about endorsing JP-brand politics but I would be more happy if he is a bit more open and try to get his words heard than moving with the herd or working silently...

He has done a lot, and aspires to do a lot.. but when cleaning up the core corruption layering from decades after the independence is a huge task it would help if he focuses on exposing them as well as inching towards progress in his own small way. There are volunteers who want to do so much, steer them to the tasks he wants to do now and focus on information and advertising self!!!! When in Rome, be like a Roman... so those who dont do anything claim so much, why not say and show what you have done...

JP sir, waiting for more from you...!! if I and a lot more people like me want our little ones to join your silent revolution, you need to be a little more aggressive than be lost in that ocean!!!!!

Below is an exact replication of the facts mentioned in the blog by MLP (anonymous for some reason).

The problems were ages old and solving any of them need power, money and time. However work accomplished Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan in the last six months is commendable.

Inside Andrha Pradesh assembly:
  1. Proposed the bill to amend anti corruption bill to include elected members under civil servants.
  2. Advanced all party resolution to elect deputy speaker from opposition.
  3. Opposed amendment to Andhra Pradesh societies act claiming it is against right to form the unions in the constitution.
  4. Opposed the bill allocating special quota for Christians in Dalit reservations and proposed to increase Christian reservations.
  5. Opposed populist schemes in 2009 Budget.
Bills in early planning:
  1. Alternative proposal to women reservations bill to give better and fair representation to women.
  2. Voting rights to non resident Indians.

Accomplished in Kukatpally:
  1. Completed the under-rail bridge in Safdarnagar, which was on hold for long time.
  2. Organized free medical clinics in the constituency to diagnose eye and thyroid problems among people to provide better medical facilities. Organized a free medical camp in Balanagar colony with the help of expert doctors and distributed free medicines.
  3. 20 bore wells in the water deprived areas of the Constituency.
  4. Complete the Flood pipeline between Vacant Nagar and Braga Singh Nagar.
  5. Booster pump installed in Satyanarayana Colony to improve the Potable water supply.
  6. Street lighting between Vacant Nagar/Satyanarayana Colony and highway.
  7. Booster pumps installed in Parvat Nagar and Moti Nagar areas to eliminate water scarcity.
  8. Tour the Constituency every Saturday to get a first hand look at people’s problems in constituency. Meet the people face-to-face at IMAX Gardens, Road No. 4 to listen to people problems
  9. Took around 100 samples of drinking water and showed to water board authorties.
Projects under progress related to kukatpally:
  1. Underground drainage in 11 colonies with an expense of Rs.4.40 Crores, which will benefit 2 Lakh people. This will eliminate polluting drinking water with sewage.
  2. 300 mm Manjeera pipeline in Moosapet division.
  3. New roads in phase 9 of Kukatpally Housing Board.
  4. Resume the swimming pool and indoor stadium works on Kukatpally phase 6.
  5. Road expansion works in Kukatpally phase 1.
  6. Establishment of Citizen Help Centers to help Citizens in Government and Municipality works.
  7. 56,000 water connections (10%) in Kukatpally circle are given 9MGD(5%) of water. Efforts are underway to increase the water supply to 16 MGD.

Proposed projects and pending approval:
  1. Foot over Bridge at JNTU Kukatpally.
  2. Cultural auditorium and commercial complex in place of Kukatpally truck park and move the Truck Park to Miyapur.
  3. Sulabh complexes in densely populated places.
  4. Full-fledged water supply scheme to replace the existing chaotic system.
  5. sewerage plants near the existing tanks and wells.
  6. Fence the existing tanks and wells to avoid land grabbing.
  7. Service roads from Moosapet Yjunction to Miyapur to reduce traffic on NH 9
Party administration:
  1. Administer, guide and monitor party units as the head of the Lok Sattta party.
  2. Leading executive board in planning new campaigns and membership plans.
  3. Member of party research wing on state and city schemes and budgets and developing solutions and manifestos.
  4. Organizes weekly press conferences on current affairs like Natural gas issues, flood relief and other political bills.
Misc activities:
  1. Spends three to four hours per week on TV shows to spread political awareness.
  2. Visits universities, private companies as guest speaker activating youth on a monthly basis.
  3. Visits Karnataka, Tamil nadu, Maharastra lok satta head quarters at least once in three months.
  4. Honorary guest at many national and international conferences about democracy and government.
  5. Campaigning on behalf of Lok Satta candidates during various elections like GHMC and state assembly elections.

Pass it on you guys, JP needs to be heard and known by people all over.. maybe we can all shake him up a little and make him more aggressive. I am sure he has an answer for his approach but sir I would like to hear it loud and clear!!!

Nov 24, 2009

Jagan-naataka Soothradhaarulu...

I have decided to go for my take on the events of the day in AP or India in general whenever I could spare some time. I aspire to be in civil services some time soon and that needs a lot of meticulous and planned study hours along with a very strong goal-oriented preparation. With the baby and her needs put first, along with this regular struggle for survival, it is a little tough to be able to spend that quality time, so maybe once she is a couple of years old or maybe when I have the courage to be able to leave her to the care of maids when attending the classes or doing the prep, I would restart.. So, until then the least thing I can do is keep myself posted as to the happenings around and as I do, I would like to do this little exercise of doing my take on the day gone by!!
Liberhan Report
The Babri masjid issue that happened around 17 yrs. ago on Dec 6, 1992 was not something which was done in a fit of anger but a pre-planned and executed act.. big surprise huh!!! More about it HERE.. It has been 17 years since this event happened and with no solution as of yet on hands, it is still a burning topic and a hot cake in the political scenario. It is good that the culprits are brought up it open and it would be great if an action is taken such that any other person deciding to do such thing would think twice, but would that happen or would the topic "Babri-Masjid" still be an active campaigning slogan for the political bigwigs!! Unfortunately, there are quite a few people around who feel it is justified to demolish the masjid in the land where their Lord Rama was born. But seriously, what is so big deal about it, yes Rama was born there and if we are such big devotees of Rama, we need to follow his principles and live up to his image... I just fail to understand how the grass root workers get instigated by the leaders. Cant they just think about their own families before they jump into this riot acts. It is those people who keep doing the rounds of court and police stations, booked in cases, living in fear but the actual people behind it are cool and happy behind the a/c doors and even protected by public security provided by our blood and sweat tax-money!!!! wake up... phew.. I get carried away so easily... **fumes**.

Keeping aside the political aspect, I just wish and pray that the report is taken seriously and Liberhan committee or whatever it is, which has taken sooo long and spent so much money on just to bring out what is a well-known fact, the real culprits behind it are taken to task. Rather than using Babri Masjid as a pawn to move ahead politically do something about it and put an end to the 17-year-old and 100s of crores expensive saga.. and not to speak about the aftermath!!!!!

OMC to stop excavations
Despite of the large hue and cry regarding the illegalities in the mining, the discrepancies in borders, etc., it is surprising that the company is still into excavating and going on as if nothing has happened and the government just leaving it aside saying it is awaiting the committee's report to take an action.

It is clearly established that Jagati Publications or whatever the firms are named in the issue are either directly or indirectly related to the late CM of AP, but the govt. is either ignoring it or pretending to be ignorant of all the findings and busy beating the pulp out of opposition and the opposition is busy with the elections and self-promotion. When will these people be put to task??

For Evil Eyes on LO