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Feb 24, 2009

Slum Dog Mania... Grrrr..

I am tired and fed up with all the ARR and oscar mania doing rounds in the nation.. yes, I am more than ecstatic about it all and happy for the personal achievement of one amongst us.. but seriously I feel the hype about India ruling in Oscars and all is too much for me to take, what the hell it is not an Indian movie in the first place. It is a British film made by a Britisher based on India.

Firstly, there were many who make a lot of hue and cry on depiction of our nation in such a poor taste and all.. for those, I would say, yes there are too many things to be glorified about India and ridiculing it by showing the slums or slumdwellers is not at all shameful. The fact that such slums exist is shameful. It is not a lie or imagination that is shown on the screen, portraying reality does not mean showing it in poor light. If you are soo ashamed of India being shown in poor light, comeon it is easy talking sitting in AC rooms or a roof on the head, do SOMETHING concrete and then feel bad if that is not depicted. I get angry when someone says why do only the movies that we make on poverty in India succeed abroad. Well, unfortunately still there are some people in that part of the world who believe that India is a land of snake charmers and elephants, not their fault.. there are still so many living in rural areas, the back bone of our country working under very very meagre conditions. Only the selected few geniuses who are fortunate enough do not represent a growing nation. The very fact that we are still a DEVELOPING nation since soo many years means that what progress has been made so far is not adequate to raise the level of the nation in everyone's eyes. If we eliminate such circumstances there will be no reason to make a hue and cry of anything and everything.

Secondly, another thing that irritates me the max is "India Shines in Oscars" . The truh is "IT IS A BRITISH FILM". Coming to Smile Pinki, yup based on an Indian girl but it is a foreign film maker who came up with the concept and executed it. Rejoicing for the fact that SDM has won so many oscars because it made on India is pointless.. rejoicing for personal achievements of individuals like AR Rehman and Rasool is the point to be noted. Happy for its win, but at the same time some of the reactions have left me speechless at the shamelessness with which people claim what is not actually deserved..

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