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Feb 4, 2009


Hey guys!! thanks all of those who missed me and my blabber... I was tied up due to a lot of things happening in the life, of course I will sooner or later put them on the blog (no chance of escape ;)) but for now, all I could say is I had been admidst of an extremes of emotions, happy, content, desperate, wild, mild... phew!! and what not..

I had been hibernating and increasing my girth like just like the polar bear and just now got the time and resources and the inclination to blog.. so hopefully, I will continue to do so regularly..

Firstly let me wish all of you all the things that I missed to wish on time. My extremely belated.... happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy New Year, and newborn happinesses and a lot more.. I had been a silent follower of all the blogs, so am up to date with what's up in your world, will let you into mine real soon..


Krishna Kumar said...

Welcome back :-)

Satish Bolla said...

welcome back

vidya said...

welcome back sushma .i used to check for updates in ur blog regularly .baby is already keeping u busy annamata .so hope to see u blogging regularly at least till the baby comes

Kodi's Mom said...

welcome back Sush. how are you?

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