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Feb 20, 2009


There are a few books that leave a mark on you the first time they are read and then there are some which are page turners at that moment but then you hardly remember the story after some time. I have been an avid reader since my childhood with my preference to books rather than people who distract and divert from constructive tasks at hand. Those from state syllabus in AP can relate to the term non-detailed book (English subject) and I have always loved the book of all in the syllabus, aaw I digress again… it is so true, like Ramana says manasu oka koti, komma kanipinchagane egiri gantulestundi.. (mind is a monkey, will start jumping the moment it sees a branch)

So, coming back to the point my love with fairy tales of fantasy land books started with the book Gulliver’s travels. I love this man, the country of lilliput, their life, their quarrels, their society and each and everything about that book… the other day when I went to the library, I found this book and relived all my fantasies again. I love it so much that the narration brings those characters alive in front of me and it is as if I can clearly see them in front of me trying to reach Gulliver’s height and all that.. I felt so happy and fresh in a long time. So, if any one asks me who my hero is, it is definitely Gulliver, not for bravery, not for adventure spirit, nothing that I can point to but the sheer pleasure of reading the narrative. Well, I know that my hero should have been the author by logic but then who said logic has anything to do with feelings ;). What is your favorite tale?


Satish Bolla said...

i don't know how many times i read this "non-detailed". but my fav book is "great expectations" among the school books.

Krishna Kumar said...

mine is also Gulliver fact i used to read the book loudly in the class..and teacher explains the paragraphs read by me :D

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