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Feb 5, 2009

Future Scare..

I dont know if it is me during this sensitive phase that is reacting hyperly to the happenings around or if it is a general feeling everyhere around.

I dread opening local newspapers or local news channels for the fearing of seeing yet another girl harassed, cut, mutilated, raped, humiliated, what not. It had been a long time since I had been in AP for long, 2 years to be precise and right from the moment I stepped in, all I see is this news floating around. I am beginning to hate the TV9, TV5, NTV, and all those 2-bit, TRP craving, dirty channels. It is really disgusting to see how the news is shown again and again and again and the type of news that are shown.

Are all the problems around us of no improtance.

Is everyone well-fed, well-read, and satisfied in this rule.

Why dont they show the corrupt officials and their corrupt ways, enlighten the common man rather than show which guy abused which guy using caste name or community name or what the hell ever it is.

Why give undue footage to the cheap politicians kissing the a**** of the filmstars, coming up with new plans for development right at the moment of elections, etc.

I am very strongly forced to believe that they only show the cases who refuse to cough up money or give in to the respective channel's blackmail and the real mischief makers just go away paying off their way.. I am beginning to hate the media, hate the society for what it has become, hate the way it is being portrayed to us. I have banned the channels but cant escape the reality right!!!!!

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Satish Bolla said...

u r 101% right abt this post

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