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Feb 26, 2009

I Told You I Was Going Mad ;)

My basic means of entertainment and timepass has been always movies.. those who follow this blog regularly (hoping too much I know, but kya kare, nenu aasa jeevini ;)) know that I have banned local channels and so the only thing I watch on TV these days is movies..

Come to think of it the main reasons I banned the news channels are by and large
***26/11 coverage and the importance given to the Taj victims than the others...
***Swapnika's acid incident and the aftermath..
***current TV ads by political parties...

Ussshhoooo.. endukulendi taluchukunte kadupu ragilipotundi.. malli koti veshalesi topic elago divert chesa kada.. asalu rangamloki digitey...

I was thinking about what made be laugh the max at one point and what brings a smile to my face even today on TV or on movie screen. A few that I remember right at this moment are

@@@ Mickey and Donald Cartoons.. I love this guy Donald.. He is awesome.. my first love.. mmmmmuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...
@@@ Tom and Jerry.. the most silently violent creatures in this universe, just love watching their constant quarells... love it the most when they try to patch up with each other ;).
@@@ Dennis the Menace, especially where he yells for Mr. Wilson... mmmmummmmmuuuuuuuuaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh....
@@@ Calvin and Hobbs.. especially the photo session... Muuuuaaaahhhh cute little monster...
@@@ The scene in Stuart Little where the cat rolls over the table saying "A mouse with a pet cat"... mmuuaaah muuuaaahh muuuuuauaaaaaaaaaaaah
@@@ The prayer by Venky and poetry recital scene in Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav by Prakash Raj... ayyo, I still remember the first time I saw it on big screen in the theater, I literally fell down from my seat laughing so hard that I had to hold the railing in front of me to control my tummy ache from all the guffaws :))... mmmuuuuuaah.
@@@ The scenes of Brahmanandam in Anaganaka oka roju.. the fights, the chases, the Nellore Pedda Reddy scene.. delicious comedy.
@@@ Heeeeeeeeeee.. and remember the gift pack scene from Pushpak ;).

I know I am going crazy sitting free, but what to do.. chetulu duradaga unnayamma.. chadive vaadundaalekani emaina raasestaam.. of course lekapoyina raasukuntaamanukondi but adi peddaga cheppukokoodadu ;)


Kalpana said...

Heheheee..... I too love few comedy scenes and few cartoons stuffs you mentioned... especially Prakash Raj's comedy scene as you said... Ammaa ani modalipetti entha navvisthaado... :))))

Satish Bolla said...

avi annee naaku kuda ishtame. ippatiki vacation ki vellinappudu maa daddy tho akshinthalu padathaai "tom n jerry" chusthunte. avannee ikkada raavu antey ardham chesukoru.. :(

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