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Feb 6, 2009

It is a Dog's Life..!!!

Of the many things that happen with or without my consent, Mittu, my little doggie is one. The first thing my mama did after my coming to this place was to bring a month-old doggie to me, a Pomeranian, white with a tinge of brown at the ears and the tail to keep me distracted and occupied. I was a little averse due to the litter and bath aspects but had to give in looking in to the lovely droopy eyes of the pup. My granny always had pet dogs in the house, sometimes to a count of 4 or 5, so dogs and puppies are not new to me but contrary to that mom has always been scared of dogs and somehow very reluctant even to touch them or stay in the same room as them. BUT somethings do change I guess, now she is the one who pets it all the time, to the point of increasing her neck and joint pains..

Who says it is a dog's life when in bad phase, this one sure has all the royal treatments carried on so much so that I am wondering if it is forgetting that it is a doggie. It never ever barks, trots, sleeps all the day, eats and chews whatever it feels like, sometimes even diving into the waste basket, leaves, grass, slippers, papers, plastic what not. Bath and after bath times are a scene at home with mom struggling, me screaming and Mittu trying various escapade plans. And yeah, for those wondering.. it has been almost a month and it does not respond to its name in the daytime but at night, when scared, promptly runs into the laps or tries to climb the short beds and lie down snugly next to mom.

The biggest surprise of all is mom has fallen in love with the pup and is always seen carrying it, feeding it, petting it, or kissing it. My place has fallen from second to third in her life... sigh!! .. bobby, mittu, and then me.

It has indeed become quite a handful to me running around dirt, getting dirty the moment I turn to the side and is the purpose of its arrival solved.. Of course, how can I have time for anything after so much running around and policing around.. phew!!!... but I forget everything the moment I pick it up and it snuggles deeper and looks up with those adorable eyes and even winks ;).

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