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Feb 5, 2009

Life or Something Like It..

Somethings are just not under our control, human control that is. Though I am not overtly religious I believe in a supreme power governing every move of ours. But me being me, sometimes forget that and make plans and visualize a bright future along those lines. Thankfully, I am awoken from that deep slumber with a jolt and then have the power to go on, though wounded, I feel fresh when I am allowed to live MY life on my own terms, honest, peaceful, and simple.

These past few months I have been wondering about a lot of things in the fellow human beings..

-- Why is that everyone is interested in everyone else's life more than they are interested in their own.

-- Why cant people let go their children once they get them married off and at least give them the breathing space in a relationship.

-- Why is it that you have to prove to people time and again that you were correct and then again they go back to square one with their own opinions.

-- Who the hell is anyone to impose his/her ideas on another person, the other person is entitled to a viewpoint as much as you have yours.

-- Are the customs, traditions, society only meant to ridicule a person when he/she is already under a tremendous pressure from within and all quarters.

-- Is there any place a person can just escape from the chaos around and just be his/her own self even for a moment.

Amidst of all, I have realized one truth that

"Antaramukha samâradhya bahirmukha sudurlabha"

This verse from Lalitha Sahasra Nama Stotram helps me understand one thing.. no matter where you look for realization, self or otherwise, it is only from one's own self (within) that you get peace.. not through external activities.

Seek happiness from within and that is the only place you wont be disappointed.. believe in yourself and things will fall into place.

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Satish Bolla said...

baaga cheppav akka

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