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Feb 28, 2009

Siggu Siggu...

I am beginning to hate these ladies in politics.. in a country where women are suppossed to be treated as dieties (of course they are not and there are a whole lot of atrocities faced by them and that is a different topic altogether).. I never thought much about either Roja or Shoba in the first place, both are the women wing presidents of their respective parties TDP and PRP, both parties claiming to be working towards social justice and blah blah blah.

All said and done, (enta gontu chinchukunna samaana hakkulu, tokka, totakoora ani) It is very difficult for a woman to gain foothold and make any difference, be it any field. Especially, films and politics are 2 fields where people still hesitate to send their daughters or wives into. Why?? Is there no decency and are they any different from any other profession. One is a creative field and the other is a service-oriented job, yup!! it is a job. There a few people I admire in politics for their guts to speak out loud and do what they set out to do in the first place.. Margaret Alwa, Kumud Ben Joshi, etc., but they are very few and far between. I feel so ashamed today watching these two women hurl abuses at each other and degrade the word WOMAN in general. To say that these women represent the women supporting that party or are leaders of the women wing is really shameful and represents the ethicless moral-less base in the party.. wake up leaders and put an end to such rumor-gossip dirty language politics... there are soo many issues the women out there are plagued by and who slept with whom is the least of our concerns and if that is the main agenda in calling the press conference and airing on TV channels, then GO TO HELL WITH YOU LADIES...

and Baabu Chiru, tammudu teginchi roadlemmata tidataa tiragadam, personal attacks chesi janaalani recchagottadaanni, addam vastey maa yuvatha mimmalni choosukuntundi ani statements mee party leaders ivvadanni, evidhamga saamajika nyayam anukomantaavu??? and Naayana CBN... putrotsaahamu tandriki undocchu kaani assemblylo meesalu duvvalsinanta goppa ghanakaryalemi cheyyaledu nee koduku... endukayya pootakokasari taladinchukune panulu chestunnaru.. inta chesi emi choosi meeku votes eyyamantaaru???????

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Satish Bolla said...

nenaithe TV lo ee ladies godava chusi shocked

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