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Feb 6, 2009

Vision 2025

Nothing visionary and social about this title.. I am just too scared to visualize myself as a mother of a teenaged girl in this country. Call me panicky, call me crazy, call me anything you want but I am scared, really.. not at the atrocities that are being done to the girl kids but at the way the society is turning out to be.

I hear so many news of the love-gone-bad revenge cases of late in the state that I seriously wonder if it is always only the boy who is at fault. Is there no part played by the society and the girl herself in all that is happening. The acid-throwing, throat-cutting trend is on the raise but I wonder if it is just one-sided love that is making the guys do such things.

Some might think I am being biased to the guys or being insensitive in commenting so but I think it is the fault of the girl to let the things go out of hand. Some things I have noticed during my short stay are..

-- some girls have become over-smart trying to take the guys for a ride.
-- it is fashionable to have a girl friend or a boy friend and one is treated as an outcast if without one.
-- the bakeries, movie theaters, hotels, roads, parks, etc., are crowded with teenagers, guys spending, girls ordering stuff, shopping, etc.

One thing that has become fashionable on TV these days is..
-- one event happens, the next moment the channels are flashing the news, local galli-type no-work-no-sense type of faceless party leaders come on the screen questioning the government and its rule and what not completely ignoring what has actually happened.

my doubt is... when to stop this..
-- when the girl/guy is getting out of the hand, behaving unresponsibly at home.
-- when the girl roams around with a guy under the name of friendship, puppy love, just-friends types or whatever the hell it is..
-- when the girl ditches the guy and goes for another one leaving the first one mad..
-- when the parents know about all that and when everything is getting out of hand, go lodging a complaint after keeping it under the wraps for so long..
-- when the angry guys goes on a rampage resorting to something nasty..


why blame such things on the ruling party, why are WE as citizens not trying to do anything. When we see a bunch of girls and boys or a couple of not-even-teenagers in compromising positions, why do we just ignore them and pass on, why dont we question them and mostly as parents why are we so laid back and what is it that is lacking in the upbringing which is making them want to go seeking love in most dangerous places.... most certainly NOT THE RULING PARTY!!!

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