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Mar 17, 2009

Baaboo Shabbir... Nee Pani Nuvvu Cheyyavayya

There are many reasons why I hate the politicians who are here in the field just to mint money and show power and do nothing about anything they need to do sigh!!..

First the comments on Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan, not that I am in anyway supporting pavan's statements or whatever.. ippudu NTR Jr. buddhiga political speeches antey ilaga undaali anukuntoo andaru mucchata padutunna timelo.. valla mother issueni teesukocchi raise cheyyadam enti.. when you cant attack a person in anyway, attack him personally for no fault of his attitude is what I hate the most about this guy!!

If you keep your senses and mind on the task assigned to you as power minister or whatever it would be more beneficial for those of us who suffer in this hot sun!! Do your duty babu.. nuvellu.. vellu... vellu... rota puttinchestunnav asala..

1 comment:

Kalpana said...

Nijamgaa raa babu, veellu madhyalo family and personal issues enduku laaguthaaro... Jr. NTR di emi thappu undi... Too much...

Hey, nee ee koththa post naa updates list lo top ki raaledu... Inkaa previous post ae chupisthundi... :(

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