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Mar 27, 2009

Bhalira Buddoda!!!

Buddodu adenandi, mana pilla NTR, china NTvodu, or our very own NTR Jr. is one youth icon I am proud to say has some brain in that head of his. Those who know me in person real close know that I have this unconditional love towards fat people (Adnan Sami in his good old days was soooo sweeet), aa range picchi annamata… malli kothi veshalesi topic divert chestunna kada, so naaku mundu ninchi ee pillakayante picchi affection annamaata. I first saw him in one dance program given in DD and then as Rama in Bala Ramayanam movie and then that dumb debut movie of his which I don’t remember.. Subbu.. anukunta and with each exposure, what struck me most was the dedication with which this guy surged ahead with a lot of hard work, amazing talent, and sheer determination undaunted by the non-supporters in the famous so-called first family of AP (Nandamuri clan). I was so upset when he had his liposuction or diet-reduced weight or whatever.. mudduga, bodduga, bandaga unna bandodu bakkodigaa maaripote digest chesukolekapoya. Cheppalante bocchu peekesina kodilaaga tayarayyadu anukunna :((..

But whatever, I simply am awed by him because it is way too difficult to cut a unique image of his own first in films and now in politics and be in a position that the whole family which kept him at bay finally clamors for his attention and help. Hats off buddoda… The way he is out to campaign for TDP, his issue-based criticism and not anything diverted at personal issues of any individual is very very refreshing in this day and age where politics means mudslinging and especially with people like Shoba Rani and Shabbir Ali resorting to personal attacks only personal attacks forgetting what they are actually out to prove.

Bootulu tittadam fashionablega tayarayyina political trendlo freshness teesukuni vacchi mucchataga, mudduga, sudigaalilaaga doosukeltunna pillakayani choostunte mucchatestundi.. kante ilaanti biddani kanaali ani anipinchenta muddostunnadu… Just hope this guy does not ruin himself in this dirty politics but in stead end up like a lotus untouched by the mud around him. I see a spark in him and hope this is put to good use to serve public than any personal agendas.

God bless pillakay and may you have a speedy recovery… oori drushti, naa drushti, anni pogaaka!!


Ramya said...

sree idhi chudandi

Ramya said...

sorry wrong itchaanu link idhi chuudu

Varunavi said...

Came to ur blog through's ramya.I read ur post on amma,my eyes are filled with tears.your post touched my heart.I know what is loosing a person,i lost my dad at very young age,he was just 50yrs.

Even i like jrNTR when he was fat,i like his dances and his body languages.I wish he was the same but no he has reduced much to my dislike.
Anyway i pray that he recovers fast and continues his journey in politics........

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, manodi speech adhurs gaa. chusaava nuvvu? thanu campaign start chesinappudu india lone unna. so baaga follow ayya. god bless him

Nagrockz said...

NTR first movie as hero Ninnu Chudaalani. Subbu student number one theaters lo unnappudu vachindi. Deenni direct chesina legend Suresh varam, from RamGopal varma schhol. Suresh varma made his debut with Mrugam(starring J D Chakravarthy and Maheswari.

NTR first movi direct chesindi Vankineni Rathna Prathap. Ithani debut Nuvvu vasthavani starring Nag,simran. Ninnu chudalani produce cheindi UshaKiron movies.

hammmayya [:D]

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