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Mar 7, 2009

Mein Aisi Kyun Hoon!!!

There are times when I sit and wonder as to who made me what I am today. I am most unlike both of my parents who gave birth to me or my grandparents who brought me up. I am stubborn and cannot tolerate the bear it and get the work done for now attitude whereas it seems to be the mantra of everyone around me. Why??? Why am I made like this, so unlike those around me and not fit into the mould. Why do I have to struggle to get every word of mine to be even heard let alone considered when I am the one who has to cough up every single penny and take up responsiblity to every one of my needs and deeds. Can one not live in this society without being steps monitored be it by the parents, siblings, spouse, relatives, friends, neighbors and even strangers. Why does one a man not let others live in peace.

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