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Mar 1, 2009

Of Weddings and Wastage...

Something which irritates me no end is the lavish spending at the weddings.. I happened to view a couple of wedding galeries just now.. of Vishnu Manchu and Veronica (God knows the correct spelling), and Shiva Balaji. While one was a high profile one with who is who attending and money spent like water, the other seemed like a truly small family affair with a cute bride and the groom looking pleased with each other. Of course, there was happiness in both the couples' faces but somehow I like the radiant Shiva Balaji couple.

I have no right to deny anyone's personal choices or display, but I am really really pissed off with the way money is thrown. With so many people starving and on the roads trying desperately to make both ends meet, cant we share a little of what we have to bring a smile on their face than feed all the already well-fed to the point of obesity crowd!!!!

Coming to that, even I dont have a right to speak about it because I bowed to the pressure too and gave to a wedding grand for my capacity, especially since majority was from my pocket, which evaporated my life savings and a lot more :(((. Had it been used for some genuine cause like child education or health and hygiene provision, I would have been proud of it and my life would have been on a different track altogether.. No use of crying our split milk, but I vow to myself that never again would I indulge in belly-feeding and ego-satisfying business of the so-called society people any longer.

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