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Mar 25, 2009


Somehow news touch your heart like nothing else does and this is one of them. This left me wondering as to my determination and committment to a lot of things in life. I wanted write civils and make my mark in life and not just go on but then I had to put off writing the test this year because the exams are just a month after my due date and I felt it was too less a time for me to recuperate and give my best and I was finding reasons to justify why I had to postpone rather than give it and go about with confidence.

It is one thing to fight the battle alone and withstand and whole another thing to be able to face the consequences of your decisions. The grit and determination that it takes is only what one can imagine. I feel so ashamed of putting off things and feel inspired this young mom (teen mom infact, 15-year-old mom) who is facing all the odds, the opposition from her own family, the inlaws, the husband, the fate and writing the 10th class exam with a 3-day-old infant inspite of all the odds.. Hats off and I will always remember this before I complain!!!

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Kalpana said...

Inspiring and what you say is true...

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