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May 7, 2009

Am Sad :(

I am sad today, really sad at somethings that are happening but cant really do anything about them, so just being a mute viewer. I feel so disturbed thinking about an individual and the life that he has lived, the lives he was the reason to BE today, and everything and cannot feel but sad that his anniversary is not properly done.

It is my taatee I am talking about, my maternal grandfather, the person whose death totally uprooted my life and am still struggling to gain a foothold and bring some sense into it. It is his eduru (1st anniversary today) and traditionally, we have to do a small ritual on his name which we believe relieves him from this material world forever and his soul joins the Divine above, which has to be done by the sons. I am no one criticize or judge ones feelings about another individual because I myself am pretty much upset (a really small word for what i feel for this guy) with my own originator. But I feel sad, I did whatever I could, but feel that void. Taatee wherever you are, I hope you will get your mukti or whatever and just be at peace. Love you soo much!!

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Ramya said...

Dont feel bad Sree Some times we become helpless, what can we do unless praying for Peace.
My deep Condolences to him.

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