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May 19, 2009

Chinni Tallee Ninu Choodagaa...

Time flies.. how I wish I can freeze it to this time when everything seems so blissful and pleasant. It seemed to be ages for the pregnancy to end and you to arrive but now a day seems to be a minute. Thankfully, you sleep for most of the time which gives me ample of time for writing your journal and also time for ME (yeah I still need that space and time). If you have even an iota of my genes and take after me in any little way, I am sure you would be hungry enough to devour every little thing that I can document about you, how you were, what you did, what I did and all that stuff, so I make it a conscious effort to put those tiny moments here.. Yesterday was your big day.. the first visit to a place other than your hospital. We went to a temple as the priest has summoned us for pooja on the auspicious day of Hanuman Jayanthi which happens to fall on Tuesday.

There my LO, I had seen you in your true element, all happy and smiling yeah yeah.. those wide toothless grins at each and everyone of my granny's friends.. I just felt I would swoon, you looked so beautiful so precious.. though I had seen you smile a lot of times, it was always in your sleep.. crying, laughing, smiling, giggling, sad, happy, so many fleeting feelings just in a span of a minute or less, it was the first time I saw you smiling at people. It was a game for you.. looking at me, smiling, then looking at all the grannies each one turn by turn and then me and then them and your mom, i.e., me, being in her own element was happy beyond words and also panicked about all the evil eyes that would fall on you.. sighhh (I know I am going to listen to stop being so silly amma really soon from you).

Then came the true prayer from the bottom of my heart, a prayer of thanks, a prayer for your well-being and also mine so that I can take care of the biggest miracle of my life.. you.

Amma is mad about you (hehe, I know one day you would say, ayyo amma you are mad as it is) my darling and falls in love with you afresh with each passing moment.

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Satish Bolla said...

are these feelings so good? i envy you, akka

For Evil Eyes on LO