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May 18, 2009

The Finale...!!! CB Story

I was taken to the prep around 8 a.m., they shaved and cleaned me up and got me ready, gave me the gown, covered my head and hands and legs in plastic gloves, hair band, and leg covering, attached an IV and walked me down to the table... at 9 a.m. sharp.. I climbed up the table, the team introduced themselves to me and the Anesthesiologist induced spinal anesthesia by bending my back and curling me into fetus position, within 5 minutes the drug took effect and I could not feel anything below by chest level... The doc and the anesthesiologist kept talking to keep me distracted and I was looking at Durga Ammavari photo just above on the wall and praying the baby to be healthy. Immediately, I could hear the doctors say the baby was moving very actively and the head was not stable and the staff had to rush up before she drank up any fluid... Within 7 mins the baby was out giving a shrill cry passing stool and urine on the table, taken away for clean up and there on the table I was dying to see her, see if everything is normal, if she is healthy, if she is okay with the aayah during the clean up... The waiting pediatrician checked her out and told me loud and clear that everything was perfect and weighing 3 kilos... exactly at 9:14 a.m.

The gyn and her team cleaned the uterus and stitched me up while the baby was ready. By the time they cleaned up the clots and placenta and all that, LO was ready and they brought her to me all dressed up in their complimentary pink dress, blanket, shoes, cap, gloves...

When she was put near me, she just brought out her tongue and licked me.. then I cried, just pure relief, the pent-up feelings/emotions came up and she was staring at me really curiously.

From that moment on, I fall in love with her every single moment I lay my eyes on her, and if that is possible I love her even more each moment... and she has been an angel so far too giving me ample of time and space for myself and giving me loads of pleasure more than any words can express!!

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