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May 18, 2009

The Journey.. 2nd Trimester

Then came the 4th month end when there was this butterfly-flutter sensation in the belly which gave me the first signal or touch with reality about the baby, an indication of the life that is growing rapidly in my body, an individual being carved out of my flesh and blood and gaining a form of her/his own. I used to wait for those flutters to feel the presence, the much needed reassurance that all was well.

The 5th month was the happiest phase where the kicks were solid, the tummy being the target practice for good football kicks. The baby doing the rounds and the most amazing thing of all, reacting to the music. Yes, yes, I am not crazy, whenever there was music going on in the background, especially the mass stuff the baby used to do somersaults which made me wonder whether she really loves it soo much or just hates it to the core.. whatever it was, the fact that the baby has its own choices and moods was the first reflection that she sent me from within.

Then came the anomaly scan in the 6th month or rather the end of 5th and the beginning of the 6th which was the most crucial one for me because it was in this scan that any defects in baby growth would be known.. the panic mounted to its peak stage, so much to the point of a near breakdown, now I know how worthless that panic was.. there is someone above who really took care of everything. The happiness the moment the radiologist told me everything was fine is indescribable. I was relieved and the immediate question was can I know the gender???.. Nope came the reply as it is against the laws.. but I don’t know what came on him after showing me each and every internal organ on the screen and then looking at my face, he just told me “IT IS A GIRL.” The tears that were flowing knew no bounds, I always wanted a girl from deep within, was actually consoling myself for the eventuality of a boy (I know it is silly, I would have loved the kid just the same had it a been a boy too) that whoever it is, the baby should be healthy and happy (period).

This is one phase of pregnancy where I did not feel pregnant at all and yet knew of the presence of the baby and felt her movements.

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