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May 19, 2009

People (S)Elect.. 2009

This year from the beginning has been one of anticipation in terms of politics.. err.. polit(r)ics.. In fact from the time the PRP made its debut in AP, there has never been a dull moment. The politics which were just limited to canvassing and blaming each other saw new heights to which these guys can stoop. No party stayed behind and none of them left any stone unturned. With Congress touting its so-called good-governance in the last term, TDP-Mahakootami touting "we have come together for the downfall of congress, PRP claiming its emergence for social change, and Lok Satta claiming a silent revolution, everyone tried to woo the voter with their sweetest possible tones and loads and loads of promising schemes in their manifestos, very tempting indeed.. cash transfer, color TV, separate Telangana, social justice, equal opportunities. Well, I must say each and every time I saw or read about any political party's promises I felt like voting to them and then do that typical Mahesh Babu act "aybaboye tempt aipotunnanenti" from Murari.

For a change, I was a bit relieved from watching the senseless news of girl-boy love, affairs, thefts, etc. flashing day-in and day-out in News Channels and good to see them focus on something else, politics for a change, but then again there were loads of ads criticizing each other and had a masti time watching those comic strips.

I had been following the elections closely for sometime now and have predicted that Congress will do another term, PRP is just a Hawa-ka-Jhonka, and Mahakootami will bring down any chance of TDPs winning and to my surprise my gut feeling proved to be right but what I did not anticipate was Congress reaching the much-wanted magic number (148) without any support, maybe with the support of rebels and independents and maybe it would be a close contest between MK and Cong.

So my take on each of these party results this time is...

Congress... Raashtram malli Hastha-gatam. What I think must have helped is the inability of the opposition to cash on the negativity rather than the people's trust on Cong and to prove that point, many elected representatives have lost in their respective areas which goes on to prove that people were not satisfied with the ministers for whatever reason. But what was fetching for them was in villages the implementation of schemes like Arogyra Sri, Indiramma Illu, Dwacra groups, 108, etc., which made lives of people easier. A common man just sees what he got, the smaller picture but not what the leaders made, the larger picture. Nothing is left in the treasury even now, wonder what will happen in another 5 yrs.
My Prediction -- Jagan will gain more prominence by the end and maybe groomed for next CM some time in the future.

TDP-Mahakootami -- The less we talk about it the better. I did not anticipate CBN to stoop to such a level to say publicly we have come together to defeat Congress. Well, thanks to the electronic media people are not that mad, they see what they are going to get and what they got rather than help satisfy anyone's egos. The alliances left so many genuine people disgruntled and disappointed and the lack of coordination among the allies lead to their own downfall. The rebel candidates split the vote bank helping the Cong to cash on it. Clear lack of agenda, anything concrete to boast of in the previous term, Telangana issue, etc., made it a hard-to-win race and even the steamy speeches of Jr. NTR and the coming together of whole Nandamuri Clan did not help.
My Prediction -- TDP will get rid of KCR and try to stand on its own and gradually Lokesh will grain more prominence in the party affairs.

PRP -- Phew, what can I say, from the day of its announcement I was expecting for something original to come from this guy and my wish just remained unfulfilled. I must say acting wins fans but not voters. The start was superb but the excess involvement of fans, caste playing a vital role, taking up people from everywhere and ignoring the ones who helped in inception played major havoc. But what I think went against Chiru was being with Allu Aravind.. I somehow really really hate that guy to the core. It goes on to prove that crowds were just to see the actor and not the would-be leader. Leaving people to speak and do as they wish (Pawan and Shoba) did not help the cause either. As he claimed, he is really the King Maker this time not the way he wanted it to be but having split the TDP vote bank with the caste card which boomeranged in his own face, he was directly the only cause for Congress Win, so they much actually thank this guy for doing what even they did not anticipate, the magic number, that is
My Prediction -- We might not see him again in the next elections!!

Lok Satta -- As I knew all the time, only JP won.. In fact I was not even sure he would win. Thank God he has chosen the area carefully where there are a lot of young and educated people to help him win. One major drawback of his is the language he speaks, he to me is like a walking public administration encyclopedia if nothing. His intentions, ideas, everything is good but of what use when a common man cant understand it. Coming to the allegation that he has split the votes of TDP by giving party tickets to kammas and rich and influential all the while claiming that they are against cash and caste politics, I genuinely think that there is no ulterior motive involved. If he has given party tickets to the rich and influential, it is because he has trust in them that they can manage their own funds. It is one party which does not accept black money, just depends on funds from common man. In the arena where people are giving money to get the votes, will anyone vote the party which says please donate money to the party fund and also vote to us.. Nope, they wont, not at this point. What the common man, the masses (the downtrodden, the ones who actually vote) knows is the immediate benefit not the long-term visionary views. So, if he gives tickets to people whom the party has to even help with booth costs, how will it work out. The OH has campaigned for LS in Hyderabad and the reaction he gets at places is "who are you, what are you going to give us if we vote".. what the $@&$%*%.
My Prediction -- It will gradually increase its base and JP will change his language, hopefully :).

I have seen people distribute money, liquor in my village. When they say police captured so much of money being pumped in, it is all eye-wash.. seriously if one gets paid 300/- by each party for every vote registered, that is 900/- per each registered head from all three bigwigs, how much will they be looting when they come to power.. I shudder even to think of it. The poor masses just see the 900/- in front of him and not care about the 900 million that is rightfully his is eaten unnoticed by these vultures.. sigh!!!

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