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May 18, 2009

The Journey.. Final Destination.

The third trimester just went off in a rush with me gaining weight rapidly and getting quite breathless, unable to sleep, stand, sit or do anything for any length of time. The movements had gradually slowed down because of the confined space, the countdown had begun and my panic raising by the moment as to how I would cope up with so many things, a new baby, a new life and then my life (now I know, we don’t have separate lives they are one and the same dear, at least until the time you want them to be separate). As the time went by, I was preparing myself for the eventual Cesarean delivery because of some pelvic obstruction in me. I felt bad that this would not let the nature take its course of action but then felt relieved because you would come out without a moment of pain that the usual normal-delivery babies have. I had a few false pains and loads of suggestions to get done with pregnancy earlier since I was past the full-term consideration anyway but I stay put because I wanted you to grow fully and stay inside the belly as long as you still can. So, it was either I wait for my pains to start, water to break, or wait until the doctor says you can no longer stay inside. Eventually, the third thing happened when on April 8, the doc said that the amniotic fluid was drying up and the uterus was fast maturing and the baby needs to be out ASAP. Then the decision to get the baby into this world the next day was taken. On the day of pournami, in the hasta nakshatram time, the baby was born at 9:14 a.m. and a new chapter in my life began precisely at that moment.

I still remember the panic I had on the operating table with doctors trying to keep me distracted after the spinal. All it took was a few minutes to cut open my tummy and get her out but those few minutes seemed like forever and the first cry that I heard was the best sound my ears had heard, I could just see tiny body covered with something liquidy being rushed to the pediatrician in waiting and while the Gyn continued with her job, it seemed for an eternity until the pediatrician came back to the room to say that she was a perfectly healthy 3-kg infant. It was then that I started breathing normally and relaxed. The first time she was brought to me all wiped up and dressed in a pink dress and blanket given by the hospital, that moment will be etched in my memory forever. They brought her close to me and she just brought her tongue out as if to lick me and wipe out all my worries.. mmmuauuuaaaaaaahhh was all I wanted to do but could not and it was not until the next day when I was made to sit up that I could take the baby into my arms and feel her and look at her to my heart’s content and then began our journey in the world outside.

And given a chance, I would relive the entire experience time and again but this time without any panic and just enjoying every single movement within rather than concentrating on the stuff around.

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