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Jun 6, 2009

Caste, Religion, Race, Discrimination!!!

Discrimination seems to be the biggest word of the current times. I hear it everywhere... discrimination based on caste, economic factors, color, race, place of origin, height, region, what not. I am sick and tired and fed up, especially the usage of the feeling "Caste." A lady was chosen the speaker for the first time in our country, yes that is one thing which needs to be recognized and appreciated but what is the need to say.. "I am happy a Dalit woman is chosen" isnt that a way of discriminating. She was chosen based on her merit and qualification and not just caste right!!

I agree there are places where untouchability still exists, there are places where caste matters a lot, but cant we begin by not talking about it in open and associating a person's name with the caste and then talk about his achievements. Let the achievement stand out, not the caste or religion.

I hated it when Chiru's BIL Allu Aravind announced the names of the contestants names along with the caste group BC/OC/FC etc., at the time of elections in the name of social justice. For God's sake social justice means taking care of all groups of people and making sure they are treated equally not selecting a few from each group and flaunting your greatness..

I had a lot of respect for this guy Ashok Gajapati Raju and also CBN and therefore it was kind of disgusting listening to them talk about caste and stuff at the time of electing the assembly speaker in AP. Tell me the person on the chair is unfit because he has some bad record or is not capable or anything else, but pointing out that CM and speaker belong to same caste and region and therefore they protest his candidacy and recruitment.. blah.. blaah.. is really sick!! Grow up!!!

Suspecting any person just because he belongs to Islam merely based on the fact that the classified terrorists happen to follow Islam too is something that is not easily digestible to me. Letting go of people who are really a threat and subjecting innocent individuals at airports and public places etc., just because of religion to endless waits, lots and lots of questions, taking them aside for special scrutiny.. it just is sick. One of the really touching movies I saw is "Aamir" and could feel the pain of each and every innocent individual subjected to discrimination and suspicion just because of the name!!!

Well, I wrote a lot of things about caste and all. After introspecting myself as to what I have done and what I would be doing about it, I can say surely that I am proud of belonging to the community I am born in, not because it is in the so-called classified higher caste but because I did not chose being born there and when I did, I need to respect and love it. I have a lot of friends from all communities, the qualification to be my friend is being genuine and not merely belonging to any particular group. When I respect myself for what I am than what I belong to or born into, I wont feel discriminated.

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