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Jun 15, 2009

Dear Daughter - 2

Dear LO:

It has been 2 full months since you were born and time flies like anything. There have been so many changes in you, you have a routine now, you have moods, you are attached to me, you recognize and miss me, you play with everyone but you need me around. I love the fact that there is someone who cant stay without me but darling, I want you to be without me as well not that I feel bored being with you but because you need to be independent and brave without me and get used to staying with anyone I trust you with for a few hours at least.

We had a bumpy ride this month with your vaccinations scaring the hell out of me because of my own health issues arising out of vaccination but you braved it out with just a little cry for less than a minute with your mom bawling outside the room unable to see the needles piercing you. I am amazed at your pain tolerance my sweetheart, while the kids around you screamed their lungs out getting injected you just uttered a couple of low moans. Maybe you understood the anxiety I was going through or whatever, you were an angel throughout the day and with your amazing smiles my LO, the day that I thought would never end, waiting for any fever or pain or discomfort just ended peacefully.

You love being outdoors in the early hours and evening, looking at the sky, the green leaves, the crows, parrots, sparrows, swans and all other birds in the yard making chirping noises. You are yet to get a grip in your fingers but you have 3 friends now in your swing, dummy, kitty, and kittu to play with and as I type this as you enter 3rd month, I just hope and pray the rest of your life be as happy and blissful as it is right now and for anything to even touch you, it has to go over me first.

Love you,


CM-Chap said...

Amazing love for your daughter.. I could somehwr see a tinge of possessiveness too :)

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, nice idea to keep ur daughter posted after a few years

The Traveller said...

Beautiful!!! Make sure you write this on a piece of paper and save it for her to see when she grows up.

joy said...

congrats havent been in the blogosphere for a long time.congrats and wish you all the best with your daughter.

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