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Jun 5, 2009

Naaku Nacchatledu... Grrrr...

There are a lot of things that happen around me that I dont like but of these a few of them have left me seething, just imagine fumes coming out of my ears and nose red, yov.. I am really angry.

Firstly, call me biased, ruthless whatever but I do not like the hulla-gulla that people make when something happens to NRIs. I just hate the rallies taken out here asking the government to take steps to bring them back or help them or whatever. There are a lot of reasons people go out of India to study, work, earn, or live there forever. Whatever the reason is, it is the individual and the family concerned who has taken the decision and not the government who asked us to flee the nation and go for greener pastures..yeah, there are instances it does send people around the globe and then I agree that it is its responsibility to check out for their well being. What I fail to understand however is people protesting and demanding government intervention and compensation and help getting the bodies or whatever. I wonder how many of them have actually paid taxes in India, how many of them do anything for the cause of our nation in general or any other person other than the immediate family in particular. I don't say everyone is like that and there are people who do a lot back home too but in general I hate all the noise that is made when someone is stuck in any part of the world. I go around the world for my own benefit, when I prosper I never look back but when i am in trouble I expect my motherland to be there for me.. this attitude is what I really really hate. I know a lot of people would be ready to pounce on me giving various arguments but then, this is what I feel, my personal feeling not intended to impose on anyone.

The latest Aussie racism against Indians makes me wonder if there is no fault of Indians and is it just that they are trying to isolate Indian nationals and beat them out of the country.. was there no provocation, was it done in blind rage, could it have been happening to a person of their own nationality too. Agreed the universities come hunting for the students and lure them and all that stuff but it is by our choice we took the bait and not to benefit their nation right!!!

What triggered my anger in the blissful world of motherhood is I was watching TV the other day and there was this scroll going on "Bharateeyula pai videesalalo konasaagutunna daadulu" and the gist of it was an Indian, Andhra guy was hit by a car and dragged to some distance. It seems a guy stole a beer case or something and this incident happened when he was trying to escape. In this case, it could have been anyone not just an Indian, I don't think the guy chose a place to steal and run away seeing an Indian outside with an intention to run him over. God, must see the OA(over action) done by the channels interviewing the kith and kin and linking it with the Aussie events and what not... sigh! will these media vultures ever change.

I do feel for what has happened.. I do consider it unfortunate that a cop has hit a car containing Indians, I do feel bad when someone beats up an Indian or kills one, but then I also think could that have happened to anyone else or is it just being an Indian the root cause. I feel for those who are unfortunate to be involved in accidents away from home but at the same time I cant forgive them for not having insurance just to save a few bucks. A coin has 2 sides, let us check them both before pouncing on the government for not doing anything. The government is yet to do a lot of things to those who are still in the motherland and way below poverty line struggling to earn livelihood or just leading a hand-to-mouth existence, so why bother it for those who move away for greener pastures.. Yes, it is its duty to protect its citizens anywhere in the world but isn't it our duty to give back something to the nation as well????

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