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Jul 22, 2009

104.7.... feeling hot hot hot

The other day, in fact day before yesterday, I was down with fever. I had some issues with the maid where she quit and I had to work, had some other health issues, caring for the baby, cleaning up, cooking, phew... and on top of it suddenly I go to sleep and get up with severe chest pain which might be gas pain but since it has gone down without any medical intervention I have no idea as to what it was.

Cut the scene and here I am right now with dry cough hacking through my lungs, throat and making a mess of everything and not to mention the noise pollution that it causes for the LO and the distance I have to maintain from her so that she is not infected (baaaah). It hurts me not to hold her but then her safety and well-being is far more important than my feelings.

So, it happens that I finally see how it feels like to have high temperatures... actually 104.7 and I felt like I was on fire and the whole body was aching like hell, the headache with the cough, the back pain, the heat.. my God, it was hell.. it lasted a few hours but when it did, it seems to have squeezed every bit of my energy, sigh..

But no regrets, I now know how it feels, an experience it was which I dont ever want to relive.

PS: Now you know the reason why the post after post after post after a long break... what to do, cough wont let me sleep, does not allow me to go near the baby, so there comes into picture my blog that I have been giving a cold shoulder for quite some time.

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vidya said...

how r u now sree .take care dear

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