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Jul 21, 2009

Dear Daughter - 3

Dear LO,

Firstly a biiig mmuuaah for being the angel that you are and making parenting seem a cakewalk with your wonderful nature. You complete 3 months and are officially an infant (my newborn turns an infant already). I already take a lot of lessons from you, that easy smile, that friendly nature, that no fussy attitude.. I know these can change any time and this may just be a passing phase as everyone around me points out but still i love each moment and want to enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Doc says you are just about growing right and I dont have to worry that you don't have tires like the babies in the ads or those I see on the road and envy. I used to love the Farex babies and the baby product ad babies so much, plumpy with tires on the hands, legs, tummy and everywhere and used to dream of you being like them. Well, to be honest I was disappointed that you were so lean but you know what I love you much much more than them. I wanted you to be like that but fat or lean, black or white, with lots of hair or bald, I just want you to be a healthy and a happy child nothing more nothing less. If you ask me anytime what do you want in my life, I would say for you to be healthy and happy nothing else.

You seem to be growing leaps and bounds and the once really really tiny coming out of my belly baby is a handful now. You have not put on a lot of weight but you are not very fragile either. You are a friendly baby who goes to anyone who offers to carry you, give them loads of smiles and sometimes even those sloppy licks and coos and make them feel that they are the center of your universe :).

Amma loves you for being the nonfussy kid who loves to hear her sing. She loves your eyes darting back and forth to catch a glimpse of me walking around your swing. You love your toys and play with them in the swing when I am not around you. You love it when I read the newspaper to you, (yeah yeah I know this is the only time I can claim whatever I want to ;) and feel happy), you love listening to the Telugu and English rhymes that I play in the system as well as sing out for you and some times make me think you are repeating them after me cooing musically.

The best thing I can say right now is you are in love with nature, you love the trees, you love the birds, you love the sky, the air, the water, the butterflies, the flowers, the grass, the pets, animals and everything and anything that you come across in this village home of ours. You have your play sessions in the early hours with singing birds and massage under the open sky and you actually miss those sessions and get fussy on the days it rains.. I am scared to take you out of this nature and put in a concrete jungle but let me think of it when it comes to that and let you enjoy it all.. lap it up my dear when you actually can...

You are such a forgiving child and I am amazed at your pain tolerance, you hardly even let out a moan when the needles pierce you while your mom howls outside your vaccination room. This month out and you will be free from needles up to the 9th month, so waiting up for it be get done with.

All in all kiddo, each passing day I fall in love head over heels with you. I never thought this would be possible but yeah this feeling is out of the world. Every move you make and every breath you take is a blessing for me and yeah some guardian angel from above has sent you to me to get through this prior to meaningless and goal less life.

Love you sweetheart... just be the same.. be happy and healthy and I just dont want anything else from anyone in this whole wide world :)...



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