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Jul 22, 2009

A Fan... nopes an a/c already.. God Bless Kiddo!!

Wow... what a girl and how mature at this young age is all I can say right now.. I must confess that I havent liked Shruthi Hassan at all in the first look, the hairstyle, the dressing, nothing... nothing at all, but then I just saw her in highheelconfidential, so that may not be what I would have felt if I had seen her movie rushes or something or somewhere else.

I just happened to see this after I saw the link in a social networking portal... man, this girl is something I need to watch out for. I must agree that she is the best Kamal Hassan has made to date. You must see the entire show but this particular part, she bowled me out and she kind of grew in my opinion like a Himalaya mountain (no exaggeration).. Just imagine how Hanumanji grew from his tiny form to as big as a mountain, exactly like that.

The maturity with which she answered the most personal questions without feeling bad or bogged down is simply amazing. I still struggle and get angry and flush when something very personal comes up in discussion, but there she sat as cool as a cucumber and she does not seem to be fake, nothing not even an iota of fakeness. I so love her outlook and wish LO grows out to be as mature if not more. I am sure the kid must have gone through a lot of ups and downs and what not to be what she is today in spite of having what might seem to be the best situation for a lot of us, but it is not easy to get past everything and be happy and understand others happiness..

So from now on if you ask me who is my favorite person, it is going to be this girl. She wasnt seeking pity, she wasnt avoiding anything, she did not brush up stuff under the carpet, she just seems to be at peace with herself which is really really commendable at such an young age. I love her so much so much so that I wanted to go hug her and make her feel happy and yeah of course feel the happier...

Loads of wishes and good luck with your debut with Luck and wish you have a really really happy life ahead... mmmmuuuaaah..

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