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Jul 27, 2009

They prove me right time and again

I just hate watching TV these days, especially the news channels, I dont even want to read the newspaper but I have to keep in touch with what is going on in the outside world, so I have to :(.

I get 3 Newspapers each day.. Eenadu, Jyothi, and DC but no paper gives the same news in the same manner and leave me all the more confused as to what is true and to what extent. Sakshi of course is a different matter altogther, for me it is just a Congress party pamphlet, nothing else. So, I make do with the above said three to get a gist of what is happening around. Does anyone feel that DC gives us more of international coverage than the actual happenings in and around the state or is it just me. It is more of a glam-sham gup-shup type of a thing than an information source (purely personal opinion though)... hmmm as usual I am doing my Koti Kommachi veshalu, so back to what I wanted to say..

For the past few days my site had been having a lot of views with search tag of Raalipoye puvva so I was wondering why everyone is so melancholic these days but now I realize the actual reason, the releasing of some video clip to media.. yeah yeah the one with NTR jr. singing away this song to glory while drinking with his friends. I so hate the channel which shows the clip time and again with this guy singing and the nerve to claim that the video was just before the accident of the kiddo. It is just plain ridiculous and an outright blunt lie projected time and again. Who the hell do they think are they fooling. The kid was wearing a different attire, he looks different than what he did at the time of accident, and what the heck, I clearly remember Rajeev in that dirty hairstyle of his, long straightened hair, fat and yuckky on the day of the accident but the video clip shows him differently. NTR's dress I understand can be changed but how the heck can Rajeev grow his hair in a matter of hours and put on so much weight. Plain disgusting the way the channel and the people try to cash on things leaked out and there by lose out credibility!!!!

The kid smokes, boozes, has a high-flying lifestyle so what. I am not the one to encourage booze and other evils. It is up to an individual to decide what to do and how to live his life as long as he/she does not uproot other's lives and/or disrupt them. Those who know me know how I love this kiddo who has come up despite all the odds and carved a niche for himself in this world. Even in the clipping he was singing a sad song, singing to a group of his select friends in whatever place it was. They just seemed to be sober and having fun in their own way. I dont say he has best of the voice or it was the right thing to do. For God's sake, he wasnt even singing a raunchy number, the song was plain sad song that he was doling out for his circle...

I so hate the people behind bringing it out and using it to tarnish his reputation and nipping his political career in the bud for speaking out the truth in rallies.. sigh.. I might not agree with his political affiliations or the way he keeps as if Nandamuri clan is the be all and all, remove the Nandamuri tag and look at him I like that guy whatever he is with or without the tag.

The first thing I want to do is sue them for misguiding the people and then deal with the rest... but then i know I wont be doing anything and forgetting it in a matter of few hours and leading on with the life... sigh... Nothing can be changed I guess :(


Kalpana said...

True dear... Hey, go for Hindu than DC... I have got the same feel, as you, for DC...

Satish Bolla said...

indian media rocks. twaralo media kuda censor board pedathaaru ani ekkado chadhivaa. looking fwd for that

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