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Jul 29, 2009

Vaasanta Sameeramla

I used to watch a lot of serials at one point in time. Stop making faces now, I used to watch those Ekta Kapoor Sanskar, Parivar, stuff in the beginning before they stretched beyond imagination :).

Ruturaagalu as far as I remember was the first telugu daily serial in DD. I used to love the title song soo much.. actually my mom was very much against watching anything Telugu in those days, movies, serials, songs.. nothing doing. This serial obviously was so popular that if we walk in the streets during that time we could just hear that song echoing throughout in the afternoon. It was the time when we used to come back home from school. I just loved it to bits, felt it was so soothing and even today when I listen to it, it is no different. I guess all of us from AP would have at least heard that song once, if not in our house at least while passing in the streets during the telecast time.

Vaasanta sameeramlaa... nunuvecchani greeshmamlaa
Saaranga saraagamla.. ara vicchina laasyamla
oka sraavana meghamla
Oka sraavana meghamla
Saratchandrikala kalala

Hemantha tushaaramlaa
Nava sisira tarangamlaa
kaalam dhyaanam
layalo kalala alala savvadilo
kaalam dhyaanam
layalo kalala alala savvadilo
saage jeevana gaanam
anuvanuvuna ruturaagam

Lovely... this is what I feel time and again!!


Ramya said...

Regard less f the serial, I too loved tht song.

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, appudu nenu inter lo anukuntaa unnadhi. roju college nundi intiki vachesariki ee serial vachedhi. maa mummy pandaga chesukunedhi. serial bore gaani song maatram keka

sruthi said...

Nice Blog Sree... I was searching for these lyrics and landed in ur blog... Na friend vaala father rasaru ee lyrics.. Balabadrapatruni Madhusudhan garu... chala manchi songs rastharu...

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