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Aug 9, 2009

Bhaga Bhaga... Pappula Manta :((

Nope I am not talking about the weather condition these days. It is hot and I feel like using all the adjectives sala sala, mala mala, bhaga bhaga, etc. but more than the heat generated by Mr. Surya Rao (adenandi mana Suri gaadu alias Suryudu) it is the heat generated by the day-to-day-use commodity price rise.. Kandipappu (red gram), pesara pappu (green gram) and whatever edible grams are now very much the rich-man food category... I remember the days when people used to ask "pappannam eppudu pedatav?" (when will you feed us daal rice, implying the wedding meal) now I guess that would be changed and maybe they would ask "utti annam eppudu."

I have come here, back to India, back in July 2008 and if the prices at that time have given me a shocker at that time, the ones now would have directly given me a heart attack. Baapre.. what the hell... the only thing that is stopping me from breaking into pucca naatu titlu (village abuses) is the resolution that I wont be using those expletives before the LO. I was offered a sum of some ** K rs/- a month back in September which I could not take up because of the pregnancy related issues and I am still offered the same whenever I join back but the prices have doubled since then. So, if I, who can afford a comfortably well-off even luxurious lifestyle along with the kiddo thinks twice and blinks 'n' number of times at the scanner or near the shelves I just dont dare to imagine the plight of the lesser privileged. An example for that is Red gram which used to cost 54 rs/- back in January 2009 and and now the very same commodity costs me 115/- per Kg (blink blink blink.. dhab). The same holds good for other pulses and rice which used to cost 30/- is somewhere around 40 plus. So, if the Govt. says that the rice is costing higher because people are eating thin rice more, WTH, it is like Bush saying prices are high because Indians eat good food (@#$%).

I have been staying in village for quite some time now and know how the people live, can you imagine the govt. sanctions a pension of 200 rs/- per month for old people and 500 rs/- for handicapped and gives 4 kgs rice at the cost of 2 rs/-, 1/2 kg daal at the price of 45/-, 1/2 to 1 kg sugar at 18/- per kg, along with kerosene for 10/- for white card holders.. so I am still at loss as to how they can afford the current bill, the vegetables, oil and the remaining groceries in that 200/-. I see people working as farm laborers twice a year.. maybe earning 5K at the max each time, so how can one imagine to live on mere 10K per person (mind you this is only able people who can work and earn and support the others, kids, old people, disabled) per year.

There is talk of free power.. but where the hell is power for you guys to charge anything... I stay near a mandal head quarter and still have at least 6 hrs. per day of cut and not to mention the cuts with wind and rain and even accidents. Thank God for the small mercies like an inverter with 8 to 10-hr. backup which comes to the rescue with the LO. I am sure LO isnt the only kid in the village and there are a lot of others experiencing this damn heat with not even a fan all times of the day and night accompanied by the mosquito menace.

I can go on and on and on about what needs to be done but I guess the govt. and the opposition is yet to wake up and see what to do. It has time to go after Ramoji for each and every reason, it has to time to do high drama in the assembly, blaming each other in general and doing nothing about anything in particular. If I say I am pissed off, it is very small thing to say.. when i see the govt. school kids eat the lump they call rice in water they call curry my blood boils and there is not a day when I just feel helpless and as they say... asamardhudiki kekalekkuva, I keep yelling at them all in my mind.. God give me the power to do something or give everyone equal opportunities.. I want the world to be a better place not just for LO but for every kid on this planet and elsewhere if the life exists.

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