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Aug 21, 2009

Can we go for Eco Friendly Ganesha please!!!

Ganesha is a cute little guy I fell in love with since the time I dont even remember. He is my first crush and yeah he still holds that very special place in my heart. This is the first big festival for LO too... after she was born.. in fact, it is the first big festival after Yugaadi in Telugu calender.

Vinayaka Chaviti to me symbolizes a lot of things, the only festival celebrated in my home since childhood. I consciously make an effort celebrate most of the festivals in their true spirit. It is for good beginnings, so let me for a great beginning for the LO and the rest of the world which very much needs his blessings.

What depresses me the most however is the aftermath of this festival, after the immersion, the pollution it causes, the tension it creates in the hearts of people, the traffic jams, the plight of idols after the immersion.. the amount of money wasted on making the biggest, largest, cutest, and whatnot adjectives idols is too much for me to digest.

Forgetting the money aspect, it is the pollution aspect that is really really scary... so as the people conscious of our environment and in order to leave something green and clean for the generation next, why dont we all go for an eco-friendly ganesha this time...

If even a single person changes his/her idea and go for an eco friendly Ganesha because of this post, I would be really really really happy and you would have made my day and in fact my year too!!!..

So, a humble request from me and LO and a whole lot of generation next kids, "please preserve the nature as it was handed it to us, dont ruin it any further than it already has been!!"

The link to prepare a hand-made Ganesha is here.

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